Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Staten Island wall collapses

A 50-foot-long section of the wall, behind 96 Overlook Avenue on Emerson Hill, collapsed just before midnight, after a day of torrential rain, and sent people fleeing from their homes at the base of the hill on Richmond Road.

Wall Collapses on Staten Island in Concrete Avalanche

Mr. D’Amato had erected the 200-foot-long wall without a permit, buildings officials said. He eventually obtained one, but the wall was never inspected by the city, only by Mr. D’Amato’s own engineer, who at the time was on probation by state officials for gross negligence, records show.


The abrupt collapse late Monday night of the wall next to John D'Amato's four-story home at 96 Overlook Ave. in tony Dongan Hills came five years after a neighbor sued the politically connected lawyer charging the construction posed a threat to her home.

D'Amato settled that suit in 2003 by buying neighbor Carla Immatteo out of her Richmond Road home - which was evacuated after the wall collapse.

Meanwhile, Major Claims Are Settled in 2005 Collapse

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verdi said...

And the wall came tumbling down!

It didn't take a blast from Joshua's trumpet or a naval bombardment cannonade......just the usual inept , perhaps crooked (???), architect who self certified the job!

Yet.....another case to be placed on the balance scales of that allegorical figure of "Justice" !

Building code violations on one side and the DOB self-cert program on the other.

But the disregard for public safety continues and Mayor Mike is still in favor of the grossly flawed self certification process!

Further proof of his cold out of touch "ruling class" attitude of governance!

Anonymous said...

"Mr. D’Amato was cited for building the wall without a permit and paid a $250 fine. He later filed an application to legalize the completed wall".

Unreal. Do what even the hell you want with no permits, and it's a whopping $250 fine. Then you can make your illegal work legal. This amounts to a city provided incentive to break the law.

Safety? We don't need no stinkin' safety.

Joe said...

Haa Haa Haa, LOOK AT THT ULGLY POS I hope the whole kaboodle goes!!
We have 30 just like it built on filled in swamps on Shelter Rock Road in Manhasset.
They all falling apart and smell like dirty wet dogs too !

faster340 said...

Everybody involved with that fiasco including the judge jury and executioner should be held accountable for this, literally!!!