Sunday, June 3, 2007

Remembering Hog Island

Since we've already latched onto one post from the Gowanus Lounge today, we'd also like to draw your attention to this other great post of theirs about Hog Island, which was part of Queens until a hurricane hit it in 1893:

In Honor of Hurricane Season: The Hog Island Story

The 1893 storm, which was a Category 2, came ashore in Jamaica Bay, near where JFK airport sits today. Some saloons, casinos and resort hotels on a sandy spit of land called Hog Island were completely washed away. A few miles west of the hurricane's eye, almost every building on Coney Island was destroyed.

Photo from Gowanus Lounge


Anonymous said...

We want someone to write a story that will tell us want will (not could, but will) happen when all that development planned for the Rockaways, or the East River, encounters a major storm.

Come on, NY! You are supposed to be a place of creative writing talent. Use that creativitiy to some benefit and make a name for yourself at the same time.

For you see, if someone writes this you can be certain that the polticians, community boards, media outlets and developers will get a copy.

We can publish excepts on ol Crappie so thousands can read it.

Then we can ask the politicians/developers what they will do (hint: using my taxes to bail them out is not an option)

Anonymous said...

Gioia and the Vallones.....for sure.....will have long evacuated their digs if a category #2 ever hits!

They've probably got bungalows in the Cayman Islands where, no doubt, their money already is !

Time to work on that suntan !

Anonymous said...

Hog Island....what a perfect place for a politico like "Pinky Gallagher to live........on maybe Pig Alley or Swine Street !