Friday, June 1, 2007

Racist nut threatens Comrie

After Councilman Leroy Comrie abstained from voting in the Sonny Carson street naming controversy, Councilman Charles Barron's chief-of-staff threatened to murder him should he run for Queens Borough President:
"If it takes an assassination of his ass, he will not be borough president of the borough in which I live," [Viola Plummer] is reported to have said.


Asked if Plummer's comment was appropriate, [Barron] said, "Absolutely."

More from the NY Observer.

June 2 opinions from NY Post:



Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

We always knew that a lot of politicos are thugs but this breaks new ground!

Taxpayer said...

Why hasn't cowardly Bloomberg and Quinn had this pair arrested?

Barron is a long time violent racist, and he now sics his tax-paid gangster aide to threaten an elected official with assassination for having acted in his official capacity.

What are you waiting for Bloomberg? It doesn't matter to you if a Black official commits a crime against another Black official? Sharpton has forbidden you to act?

georgetheatheist said...

Bingo, Taxpayer!

Bloomberg is SCARED SHITLESS that Sharpton and his followers will take to the streets. Witness the Sharpton-led Sean Bell march on Fifth Avenue last December.

Watch this issue snowball.

WWGD? (What would Giuliani do?)

Anonymous said...

He is a product of pandering to various groups by the machine which has embraced multiculturalism - an exercise in loathing at mainstream America, an exercise that has not earned us respect, but contempt.

The point we should all remember: most folks living in this country today did not have family here before the Civil War.

Yup, they are not responsible for slavery.

Now that other groups, as Hispanics and Asians are added to the mix, this whole thing is so 60s, a chapter from 40 years ago.

And I think if you called their bluff, and turn off the cameras, they would shout themselves hoarse and just go home.

Max said...

Councilman Avella should also be ashamed of himself for voting in support of renaming a city street after a known racist. His vote was a despicable display of political pandering because his vote was nothing more than trying to gain minority support for his bid to become mayor. What a disgrace to his constituency! Next time he should stay home and enjoy his pool.


No, I think Avella voted for it because the community board unanimously voted for it. He's just doing what the neighborhood wants. Not like Councilman Gallagher who does exactly the opposite of what his constituents are in favor of.

Max said...

oh Truth Teller, you suprise me. I'm far from a Gallagher fan is you read my previous posts, but to justify Mr. Avella's vote is very irresponsible. Would we at the crap support knocking down an important landmark site because an entire community voted for it? I should hope not. It has been apparent that even community boards can be wrong. Don't let your blind hatred and obvious personal vendetta blind you. Live your screename proudly...the truth cannot be manipuilated. Avella's vote was wrong.

Anonymous said...

What does Tony Avella's vote have to do with Comrie being threatened with assassination by a lunatic?

Anonymous said...

Max is a true Patriot.

Cindy said...

Councilman Barron should be censured by the Council for supporting threats against a colleague.

Tammy said...


The Politics Of Honoring Community Heroes: Sonny Carson’s 4 Blocks

Looks like Mike Bloomberg is way more pandering than Avella. Let's remember that there were many more names on the list than Carson's that were up for honorary street renaming.

Anonymous said...

"In 2000, Mayor Bloomberg honored Carson by joining others at Bed-Stuy Restoration Hall on Sonny Carson Day and in 2002, it appears that after Carson’s death, Mayor Bloomberg signed a decreee in his honor."

HOLY SHIT! He calls himself a Republican?

David M. Quintana said...

Here's the roll-call of the Carson street name vote: