Monday, June 11, 2007

LPC says Underground Railroad homes insignificant

We wonder what color hood LPC Commissioner Robert Tierney wore when he wrote this:

Brownstoner sums it up nicely:

LPC Turns Its Back on Underground Railroad Houses

"Sounds to us like Bloomberg's got Tierney by the balls on this one."

[Which one doesn't he have him by the balls on?]

So LPC is taking the word of a consulting firm that has been proven to lie and has chosen not to do an independent investigation. How shocking!

More from Gowanus Lounge: Landmarks Preservation Commission Rebuffs Underground Railroad Houses


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a statement - landmarking doesn't fit in with all the development here (that the taxpayers will be subsidizing) so let's put up a fucking sign about what USED to be here.. instead of saving it.

Tierney has no balls. He is a moronic political puppet, not a preservationist.

Anonymous said...

Yet another nail in the coffin of landmarks law.

It is only a law for people with connections. It should be overturned.

In a place as diverse as NY, it is a black mark on our political landscape.

We the people said...

Tierney is taking the word of a firm that lied of Duffield's ties to the Underground RR, & then states memorializing its significance with a plaque would prove the city better. So he takes the firm's word, then acknowledges its significance & refuses landmark status, and finally hopes to mourn its death with a plaque? What a contradiction from that lying scum! Another example how Chairman Tierney & Mayor Bloomie are in cohoots, & how Tierney has no mind of his own. Can't wait for their terms to expire.

Here's one for you cowards... Will you respond to, "You're unfit for this culturally and architecturally-rich city?

- We The People

Anonymous said...

This defines Chairman Robert Tierney's role on preservation on the Landmarks Preservation Commission - "A memorializing plaque is more suitable for our city's history than landmarking."

Elizabeth said...

So this may be the straw that broke the tweeders' backs. Let's see...crapping on black history in order to allow for the building of condos and God knows what else. Can't wait for that Bloomberg presidential run.

Anonymous said...

wow you mean tierney himself signed this one instead of that unibrow mary beth betts?

Anonymous said...

Besides crapping on what's an outer boro in his eyes, at least he composed a letter on his own behalf, & his sidekick Betts took a break.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on guys, why are you bellyacheing?

According to the recieved wisdom of the Manhattan preservationists, pressure has been placed on the mayor for appointments and funding, so everything is hunky dory, right?


Anonymous said...

In a city that prides itself on inclusiveness and a liberal spirit, the landmarks law, as it is currently applied, is unworthy to be on our books.

It is elitist and arbitrary. It works mostly for rich white people with political pull.

Taxpayer said...

Grandmaster Beagle Tierney wants a plaque resembling a burning cross.

What hood is he wearing? His night rider getup.

Document this entire episode and replay it every time either of these two segregationist racists makes a move for any other office.

WWIB said...

as i understand it, the Duffield sites aren't even for (goddamn) luxry condos, rather a (fucking) PARKING LOT. note: there are only approximately 75 subway lines nearby, yet somehow the logic of Atlantic Yards ("transit hub") does not apply here.

it might be too little, too late but if it's any consolation, SOME word of this shit will be getting out into the world soon. Neil deMause's stories in the Voice have been estimable, if not quite as raging they could be. make NO mistake at all, as long as Marty can die of a heart attack stuffing his face at Junior's, they'd be happy if there were NO black people or black oriented businesses in downtown BK at all. (We can debate the data on black ownership, or lack thereof, elsewhere) as with the desrtuction of, say, Myrtle Ave for Metrotech, by getting rid entirely of the old it erases any memory of what was once mich more weird, varied, pleasant.

where's the Times on all this? oh that's right-- they editorialized in FAVOR of using Emiment Domain for "private" (albeit publically subsidized) development. so much for "liberal" New York.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here....folks!

History has proven (once again I'm afraid) that "BLACKS LACK"......any real money, position or political power!

Ersatz freedom was what the Emancipation Proclamation provided!

And another page of important African American history is torn from the history books!!!!!!

You thieving, scheming bunch of LPC racists!!!!!!!!!!