Sunday, June 3, 2007

Katz is cash sow

Wanna know what our friend, the Queen of Queens Crap, Councilwoman Melinda Katz, has been doing during this year of the pig? Well, she tells the NY Times that her mind is definitely not focused on representing her constituents:

Ms. Katz, a Democrat from Forest Hills, plans to hold a dozen more money-raising events before the end of June. She has hired a fund-raising consultant and set up a campaign Web site. And she books at least four meetings a day to discuss the politics and issues that will shape the Democratic primary.

With Term Limits Forcing Big Change in ’09, New York Officials Hit the Campaign Trail Early

Wow, that's great...she has four meetings a day to discuss her campaign! When does she have time to represent her constituents? Surely, the number of campaign meetings will increase as she gets closer to the end of her term.

Is it ethical for politicians to be spending all their taxpayer funded time campaigning for their next office?


Does anyone do anything about it?


Is that rooftop Mel's standing in Forest Hills?


Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

Well, this is what happens when you have a lapdog press that simply sends a $21,000/year reporter to copy a politician's press release and then publishes it as 'news.'

Remeber the old L I Press? The Star-Journal? Now those were papers!

These guys are out of control; no one is at the helm.

They spend all their time thinking about them, and ignoring us.

Four meetings A DAY to get elected? Just think of what one meeting with DOB a month to clamp down on abuse could accomplish?

Julie said...

You think Melinda is ramping up the fundraising so she can take all her biggest contributions before the new legislation goes through?

Nancy in Forest Hills said...

You know the fact that Katz spends all her time fundraising is not even the worst part of this article. No, the worst part is that she feels absolutely no shame in telling us that fundraising is what she is doing on our time.

georgetheatheist said...

"...she talked about her race for comptroller."...Comptroller?...This
schivusa wants to be in charge of public monies?

mike d said...

what the hell qualifies this do-nothing rag doll to be controller? canoodling with the last one?

RECALL RECALL RECALL! If they can do it in California, why not here?

Clean the Litter Box said...

The last time Katz was beaten by Anthony Weiner in the congressional race Melinda got a job as director of community boards in borough hall. Wow what a great challenging position... especially for an attorney.

The truth is Katz can't make it as an attorney and knows that. She will do anything to stay in politics. Selling out her constituents is routine for this Queen of Queens Crap.

Anonymous said...

Who will the alley Katz finally choose as her political consultant.....the "Parkside Group"?

They "do" everybody else ! Why not "do" her ?

I hear that Evan Stavisky is quite a canoodler !

Maybe he'll "do" her personally !

Anonymous said...

Hello there's time, once again, to refresh everybody's memory with a partial list of Katz's political campaign contributors (pulled from the NYC Campaign Finance Board records web site covering the years 2003 & 2005) :

Durst; Cord Meyer; Rockrose Development; Ciampa; Mattone; Millstein Properties; Muss; Suna; Kiska; Tishman Speyer; Triangle Equities; Zuker; Bell Realty; Fillmore Real Estate; Brodsky Organization; Fisher Bros. Mgt; Carison Realty; Greenberg Traurig; Cherit Group; AVR Realty; Building Industry Assoc. PAC; J.P.Morgan Chase PAC; New York Building Congress; Peter F. Vallone; Vallone PAC for NYC Future; 122nd Ave, Realty LLC; Davidoff Melito LLP; Electric Realty LLC; Douglaston Deve. LLC; 98-22 REalty LLC; NBluestone Mgt. Ass'n. : Atco Properties & Mgt. ; Newmark & Co. ; Kaufman Realty; M.B. Real Estate; New York Heating Oil Ass'n. PAC; Petracca & Sons; haves Pine & Seligman; Hakr Engineers; PC!!!!

A veritable list of the "who's who" of the NYC real estate/building industry puts CASH into the pocket of the City Council's chair of the Land Use Committee!!!!!

Now......who will she be really likely to represent???? H-m-m-m-m !!!!!!

georgetheatheist said...

Melinda Katz is the Mother of all Whores...Whores to the left of me; whores to the right. The Shining Whore in the Night? M-E-L-I-N-D-A K-A-T-Z..She is La Professora of all Whoredom...Katz: the Ueberfrau of Whores.

[Katz: Who you calling a Whore?
The Electorate: You, You Whore!]

Whore - whore -whore.

Costello: Whore's on first?
Abbott: Katz.
Costello: Whore?
Abbott: That's right.
Costello: Whore?
Abbott: Certainly.
Costello: I though she was a 2nd Base?
Abbott: No, Katz is there, that whore is everywhere!