Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hey Elks Club: What gives?

The Elks Club on Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst has seen better days.


Anonymous said...

The building is now owned by a church, while the Elks can still rent a portion.

The photo shows the pool area.

This is a shame. The Elks Club could have been one of the finest auditoriums in Queens and with an investor, or the city purchasing it, this place could have been a five star cultural venue.

Once again, another example of the lack of creativity and imagination within our borough's leadership.

Anonymous said...

Clean up your act, and treat a landmark in our community the way it deserves to be treated.

Anonymous said...

The church is providing for much needed services in the community, including a food pantry and medical clinic. More important things than looking pretty.

Anonymous said...

"More important things than looking pretty."

Yes, I guess if you are a religious institution, you can let your property become a blight on the community.

"As long as you are saving souls... no one will notice your socks full of holes."

Anonymous said...

Hey....isn't that "church" exempt from paying NYC real estate taxes?

They should save their "providing much needed food services in the community" homilies for the more gullible!

It's high time that religious institutions PAY real estate the rest of us.... if they insist on being in the real estate acquisition and speculation business!

We're getting tired of their old "saving souls" story!

It's funny how these humble religious groups wanting to open up food pantries always seem to be able to afford such expensive real estate!

Ever hear of opening up a more frugal store front church if you really want to help the poor?

Al said...

The Elks had to sell the building because of high taxes. They were paying over $100,000 a year and the city would not give any sought of a tax break. Now the city is not receiving any taxes. Good business sense!!!!! With all the good work that they do in the Community they should get some sought of a break.
A Nassau County Elk

Anonymous said...

Bravo "al"....this is happening all over NYC (maybe even America)!

The city refuses a tax break to institutions that were the backbone of the community, the group is forced to sell, a church moves in , then NYC gets zilch in taxes!

Although the US Constitution separates Church from State, there is nothing written in it that I can see that says a church can't pay real estate taxes!

Korean Churches, for example, have carefully researched our Municipal laws and have created quite a business acquiring a tax exempt real estate empire!

Though each church is separately formed now.....the Reverend Sun Myung Moon (of the old Unification Church group) taught them the business!

Whose fault is it ? Us American voters!

Anonymous said...

There are municipalities in the USA that do collect real estate taxes from "churches".

The Quaker Meeting House (built in 1691) in Flushing voluntarily, I believe,
donates a share of money, in lieu of paying real estate taxes, to NYC.

I understand that they feel this is proper, according to their conscience, since they avail themselves of vital city services.

Maybe other religious institutions should follow their example!