Monday, June 11, 2007

Developers with deep pockets

Mr. Litwin, 92, a real estate developer, has given more than $1 million to state political candidates and parties since the beginning of 2006. The contributions were made despite a state law that limits annual donations by individuals to $150,000 and by corporations to $5,000.

Developers raise stakes in politics

Mr. Litwin was able to give far more by donating almost all of the money through 15 limited liability companies, or L.L.C.’s. Under state rules, an L.L.C. can give political donations of up to $150,000 a year. That is in addition to any donations the company’s owner or owners make.


grim reaper said...

At 92 years of age....his campaign donations will , most likely, come to an end shortly.

It's his younger remaining family we'll have to watch out for!

Anonymous said...

well, so mucy for the much ballyhooed campaign reform efforts of city council

Anonymous said...

Nothing will ever reform the City Council except the kind of deal Chairman Mao offered to the Opium dealers in China.....stop your trade or face a firing squad!

NO....I'm not suggesting shooting our council members...just boot them out!!!!

Let's try to make sure we know who their puppet-masters are before we elect the new ones the next time around....but I admit.....that's often hard!