Friday, June 8, 2007

Brooklyn rally against illegal workers


NEW YORK -- Protesters are expected to rally in Brooklyn Friday against using illegal Chinese and Latino workers in dangerous construction jobs.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is expected to attend the rally.

Labor officials say the immigrant workers are being used in life threatening jobs in building a 33-story hotel in downtown Brooklyn.

Imagine that!

Here's an update, 6/9/07:



-Joe said...

Good, throw them all out of the country and watch how fast this sloppy building frenzy stops.
The greedy employeres should be placed in leg shackled chain ganges cleaning up the mess they have made.


Jennifer said...

I agree! I hope the protestors are successful. In addition, it's taking work away from the SKILLED union workers.

Taxpayer said...

Joe; Total agreement from here.

It looks like we won. The US Senate and now politicians at all other levels will, for a short time anyway, realize that they rule nobody and nothing. They are on our payroll representing us and our interests.

While that iron is hot, we have to show who actually rules!

Anonymous said...

The unions are unsure whether to defend American jobs and lose the support of their left-wing activist base, or simply ignore the rise of illegal workers.

Liman said...

The protest has a partially ulterior motive. The labor unions are behind it, not so much against illegals but against any non-union work. The building trades in NYC are so preposterously expensive that they have lost a lot of market share to non-union builders, most of whom (believe it or not) are pefectly legit and pay a fair wage to lawful American workers.

Joe said...

Well, thank God, though they are all evil, they are not GENIUSES but evil BUFFOONS!

This hellish monstrosity may be dead for now but it will NOT stop here because THE bastard "power's that be" pushing this will NOT STOP!

This will only buy's time ...

Look for it to be back next year and pass.
If illegal workers cousins, extended familys, employers were enough influence, threathen to torch citys to bring this bill this far, just imagine how much more of a vote they'll have in a year when more of their 20-30 million Amerikan-born children turn 18 and can vote at election time !


Anonymous said...

A contractor who employs illegal immigrant workers is engaging in, nothing less than,
illegal activity.....just like a drug dealer or bank robber!


Let's cut the crap!
We are either a nation of laws or I also wish to be exempt from those laws !

I'm a citizen, pay my taxes and am law abiding.
I refuse to sponsor, at my expense, anyone who is an undocumented law breaker and thus not entitled to my hard earned tax dollars!

If that sounds heartless to any of you "bleeding hearts" out be it!

Brooklyn Blowhard said...

The union movement has sold out it's membership, and it's time that they and our out of touch Mayor get a clue.
Great blog, by the way.

Anonymous said...

This presidential administration has got long term plans......the formation, perhaps, of the empire of "The United States of The Americas" (in this hemisphere) to counter (as they see it) the economic threat of the European Union!
(Hey, Euros are stronger than Yankee Dollars at the moment) !

We're starting by looking the other way and letting Mexican etc.
illegal workers flood our shores for the purpose of using them as a cheap labor source!

Since, sadly,
they have no legal protection they can be exploited to the max like slaves .....which in turn.... allows us to be more competitive in worldwide markets at their expense!

This, coupled with the deals i.e. we cut with former Mexican president Vicente Fox.....American multinational companies have reaped great profits (exempt from the normally tight US restrictions) !

The count of Mexican day workers looking to be picked up for (hazardous?) jobs by contractors in a 3 block area in my neighborhood varies between 20 and 40 each day!

Welcome to the third world in Queens, NYC ......all with the blessing of the United States Government!

Anonymous said...

If you want to stop illegal immigration, the best way is to create good jobs in Mexico, China, etc., so that we only get the immigrants who come because they like our culture, not the ones who are just here for the money.

Did anyone notice that this is the same hotel development that wants to knock down three (?) historic buildings to build a big parking garage?

Anonymous said...

Do you know any one who immigrates to America or to any where for the culture?

Do you think most people want to leave their place of origin for culture of America?

Its all about the money, always have, and always will.