Thursday, June 14, 2007

Brian back on the job

“Like anyone else, I’m back at work because I need to work,” he said. “I always liked being an electrician.”

Mr. McLaughlin said he received unemployment insurance for six months after he was forced to take a leave last summer from his job as president of the New York City Central Labor Council. He is now on unpaid leave. The organization is the nation’s largest municipal labor council, representing more than one million workers.

In March, he said, he went to work for several weeks underground as a sandhog on the gigantic water tunnel that is now under construction beneath the city. He said he decided to take a less grueling job as an electrician as soon as his name came up on the union’s waiting list for jobs.

He said he did not jump ahead of other people on the list. “I didn’t do anything inappropriate” in getting the job, he said. “I waited my turn.”

Awaiting Trial, Ex-Labor Leader Puts on a Hard Hat

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

Brian is a truly "tragic" figure in the Shakespearean sense but also....let's not forget....a crook that stole from his union funds and the kiddies' little league team funds !

If his old electrical workers' union took him back.....they're dumber than we voters were who put him in office!

In the genre of the "Big Sleep" (Humphrey Bogart's film- noir) may we suggest a new title "The Big Fall"....and it ain't over yet.....there could be jail time...."The Big House" might be the sequal !!!!

rob said...

The union wouldn't have a choice...has the man been convicted of anything, anywhere, other than on this blog?

Anonymous said...

It is tragic in every sense. He had it all and yet, it still wasn't enough.

I just hope he "sings" and brings down the machine, starting with his former chief-of-staff.

Taxpayer said...

It would be electrifying to learn that this crook takes on Pinky as his gofer boy.

It would be shocking to see Pinky do some actual work.

Which one will be first to roll over on the other?

Too bad Ol Sparky can't be used on this couple.

Anonymous said...

They should make him do hard labor and hard time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...."rob"....but Brian ROBBED from the above mentioned FUNDS.....and that's been already offered in evidence by law enforcemet officials !

Why don't you sit and hold hands with Mc Laughlin during his trial !!!

mazeartist said...

I'm sure that if Tony Soprano were to quit the mob, he'd easily return to driving a waste disposal truck.

The same goes for McLaughlin, who is now working as a humble electrician.

Anonymous said...

There was never anything "humble" that one could observe in Brian's countenance only a greedy aspiring boss !!!!