Wednesday, June 6, 2007

$3 fare on the horizon

That $8 congestion fare may start to look more inviting:

Advocates: Big Metrocard hikes likely

Next stop: $3 fare?

Straphangers’ Warning: Fares May Have to Rise

Transit Authority May Hike Fare as Early as July

Buddy, can ya spare $3



Anonymous said...

Well this will seperate the LIRR riders (eastern Queens and against congestion pricing) with the rest of us that use city busses and trains.

Perhaps our friends in QCC may want to rethink their oppostion - that is if they want to get out of their eastern Queens identity.

Anonymous said...

"Queer" as a 3 dollar bill...... or a $3 fare in this case!

I smell some crooks at work in MTA management !
Playing "Gucci-facci" with the financial figures

Oh I're gonna pull the old "9/11 security cost increase factor" as a $$$$$ pass along to transit customers, once again!

Wasn't it mentioned somewhere (I thought) that there was a surplus of funds in the MTA's coffers! Am I wrong on this?

And what about the multi billion dollar NYC surplus that's on the books? (No doubt....that'll be quickly sopped up by the well-healed and well "connected" and we NYC residents won't get any benefits!)