Friday, March 2, 2007

Zoning, zoning, everywhere

It's the hottest topic in the borough:

Mid Village zoning plan moves ahead

Residents Unhappy With Jamaica Business Plan

New Round Of Rezoning Slated For Mid-Queens

New Zones By New Year?

City Council set to vote on Queensboro Hill rezone

Jamaica resists city land grab

City unveils eminent domain plans for downtown Jamaica

Rockaway Park Votes 'Go' On Rezoning

(The last article is a few weeks old, but the site doesn't allow you to link to recent articles without having readers enter a password.)


Anonymous said...

All piecemeal zoning should be thrown out. It is unfair and ultimately unworkable.

The city needs a comprehensive rezone based on the existing infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

The city says it has a comprehensive zoning plan.

We're all in the Twilight Zone if we believe them!.