Sunday, March 4, 2007

Welcome to our world, part 1

The upper east side is outraged that a brownstone will soon be replaced by a piece of Manhattan crap and that people who lived in the area for generations will not be the ones moving in:

For a Brownstone Lot, Tall Dreams and Troubled Neighbors

Photo from the NY Times


verdi said...

Yawn!...... This happens in Queens everyday but in Manhattan it gets major media attention!

This tableaux does, however, inspire a "film noir "title, "The Big Squeeze"!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Queens comes to Manhattan. Add some cheap fixtures, gaudy detail and it becomes a typical Queens human warehouse, but with an added advantage: the staff can WALK to work!!!

What a great idea! Let us encourage more of this. EVERY neighbhorhood should share in the glorious wealth forced on Queens.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great to me too. Maybe they can run ads in Ackerman's Tribune.

Anonymous said...

Ackerman lives in posh Jamaica Estates.

What the hell does he care about the rest of us "sweat-hogs"....he's got it made!

He can afford "Charmin". Do you think he'd use the Trib to wipe his bum?