Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tierney Talks Turkey

Robert Tierney before Melinda Katz & company today:

The majority of the areas we have surveyed have been in Queens, including the neighborhoods of Addisleigh Park, Ridgewood, Flushing, the northeastern section of Queens and potential individual landmarks in downtown Jamaica.

HDC has his entire speech here:

NEWS: LPC Chair Robert Tierney's Statement about the LPC Budget

Photo from NYU


hooper said...

Flushing??? By the time they get to a hearing they won't be anything left.

Hoy said...

what a bunch of horse crap!

Anonymous said...

No, I believe they are sensitive to public opinion, and being politicians, expert at the art of doing something without changing the status quo.

A token block with people of color landmarked negating charges of discrimination. Making sure the Queens skyline that the Manhattanites see is landmarked (boosting Queens numbers slightly.)

So why are you still complaining you ingrates at Queens Crap?

Because it is too little too late.

Let us talk about another landmark, the Conference House on Staten Island. It was given that name because the British wanted to end the Revolution with a few token gestures.

Memo to Tierney: read their historic plaque and see what happened.

Anonymous said...

Tierney is really talking about the Broadway Flushing/Auburndale area......the "privileged" community far to the east of the downtown dump!