Sunday, March 4, 2007

Queens Victorian

Forgotten NY today unveils a page about Richmond Hill, a town that has retained much of its original beautiful architecture:

Queens Victorian


N. said...

Cadigans is gone unfortunately; "Third Watch" filmed a few epsisodes
there before that disappeared...
The decrepit yellow house (last bunch on the bottom of the article, next to the church of the resurrection) has been totally restored by a grant from the NY Landmarks Conservancy this is the 1888 rectory for the church, and still owned. It is beautiful now. The church and rectory were placed on the national register, as well as the RKO Keith's, PS66, Maple Grove Cemetery, Saint Benedict Joseph Labre Church, the Forest Park Carousel. One nice success story. Wish more would end like that!

Tony C said...


Plenty of beautiful house like this still left in Richmond Hill and Forest park Drive.

Trouble is, most of the ones that I have come across - each have about 8 families living in them.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see something about this community, the machine controlled press always talkes about Carribean, Guyanese, etc. moving in.

This is racial steering. This is illegal. Someone from the community should contact the ACLU to look into this.

Anonymous said...

Hey, contact Ackerman! He is at the federal level and the last time I checked, sworn to uphold federal legislation.

Maybe he is so desperate for votes, and thinks that Queens is a little somebackwater filled with small people no one will notice or care if he and his clubhouse cohorts break the law.

That's a mistake, mister.

Anonymous said...

How come its not landmarked?

Isn't this beauty in Gallagher's district or am I wrong?

How come Richmond Hill isn't a landmark district yet, for that matter?

It certainly would meet LPC's mysteious "criteria" if it were anyplace else but in Queens!

Maybe it's because LPC prefers to see RH become a "landmark-destruct" than a landmark district.They're beholding to Mayor Mike and his real estate/developer friends wishes to see it gone!