Sunday, March 11, 2007

Opposes Landmarking

From the Queens Chronicle:

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my opposition tothe hurried and haphazard landmarking process of Sunnyside Gardens. Enough information has not been given to residents in order to make an informed decision. And, from my understanding of meetings I have attended regarding landmarking, information is irrelevant because according to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, landmarking has always been imposed regardless of public opinion with only one exception.

I was under the impression that I was living in the United States, which is a democratic society. Forcing policies down the throats of tax-paying, voting citizens without a vote or considering the effects upon citizens feels more like communism to me.I am sure that many residents of this area have fled communist and oppressive governments in order to enjoy the freedoms of the democratic process. What a pity that they find themselves in Sunnyside only to be oppressed again.

Landmarking is setting a very poor example to these individuals of what democracy is all about.

As for the logistics of landmarking, I see no difference between the current building regulations that are not enforced and those of landmarking, which may or may not be enforced.Homeowners in this area need to be trusted as mature adults in their ability to maintain their homes properly. The unfounded fears of a select few should not affect the lifestyle of the majority in any area. As a democracy, the majority should rule. At least take the time necessary to make an informed decision and to consider public opinion first.

Sunnyside will not become an aluminum-sided high-risecommunity by March 6 if calendaring is not in place at that time. The rush is completely unnecessary. We love and respect our neighborhood and care for it very well.

Bridy Cullison,


george the atheist said...

Sunnyside = Levittown?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Cullison is, apparentlt, twisting the understanding of the process of Landmarking to her own purpose in her attempt to impart the impression that its undemocratic.

A brief civic lesson : We do NOT live in a DEMOCRACY. We live in a REPUBLIC !

As in the Pledge of Allegience, " the REPUBLIC for which it stands....."!

True DEMOCRACY as in the ATHENIAN type (400 B.C.) does not exist, except in small villages, towns, etc. You should have learned your history as a citizen!

The landmarking process has been confirmed by the Supreme Court of The United States of America as being Constitutionally democratic (see case law involving.... St. Bartholemew's Church vs LPC etc.)!

There will be plenty of opportunity for the DEMOCRATIC expression of PRO & CON opinions regarding landmarking SSG at the public hearing.

There was no sneak attack on the residents of SSG by LPCas has been expessed by many xenophobic opinions recently (particularly those of Susan Meieklejohn & Co.)!

End of story.

Anonymous said...

"Homeowners in this area need to be trusted as mature adults in their ability to maintain their homes properly."

Whoa. What planet is this letter writer from?

Anonymous said...

Obviously another empty head filled by the machine.

1. Mister, you are already under a ton of regulations. This is NYC, not Montana, remember?

2. Your opinions are best ignored. All the anti-landmark twits have been repeatedly challenged to go into a landmarked district to air your (imaginary) concerns. You listen to those words, then promptly go out on a tear.

And so like little Johnny that always seems to ignore mommy and goes out and falls into a mud puddle time and again, you need a time out in a corner to clear your little head.

Let the adults handle this one.

Jeremy Kareken said...

Trusted? Queens Homeowners? Are you NUTZ?

Have you seen the dormers? The siding? The paving of the front yards?!

If you can find *one* enforced violation under the current regulations, I promise to shut up. One red cent charged for paving up the yard. One measly dime for fencing in a common area.

I live in a democracy, and I demand the right to slaughter my cat. To take drugs! To fill my cat with drugs, and then slaughter her! This is AMERICA!

Anonymous said...

why don't we just land mark the whole city, don't stop with the best places. then we can all sign over our deeds to the local government for the benefit of the workers that only the party member will enjoy. so, why are we all afraid of our own government it not like were being exploited, right!

Anonymous said...

Responsibility is a rare trait nowadays. This is particuliarly true for both the private community, and the Landmark Preservation Commitee. Much of NYC is deemed "historic", but the LPC should use responsible, and reasonable judgement in deciding cases. The same goes for the residents. Yes, the residents have the right to build pretty much what they want (to code), and the residents are granted that right as a private entity, without government intrusion, but with that right comes the responsibility of staying true to your "community" (if there is one anymore.) I need to research this particuliar case more. Is a planned community from 1929 important enough to be landmarked? The area is beautiful, and maybe a smaller portion of the Gardens could be landmarked. I almost moved there two years ago, but moved to Forest Hills Garden's instead.

There must be a responsible compromise.

Anonymous said...

Correction from Wikipedia: The United States is the world's oldest surviving FEDERATION. Its government relies on representative DEMOCRACY through a congressional system under a set of powers specified by its Constitution. However, it is "not a simple representative democracy, but a constitutional republic in which MAJORITY RULE is tempered by minority rights protected by law."

Also, if you are so worried about dormers, siding and pavement, tell the proper officials to enforce their policies!

Just a side note, the time spent obsessing over others home improvements could be spent as follows:
1- Call your mother and tell her that you love her.
2- Help your child with their homework.
3- Build a better relationship with a significant other.
4- Do volunteer work at a shelter.
Just a thought.