Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mayor creates 'closed firehouse task force'

A lot of people seem unhappy about what the city is doing by closing firehouses and selling them...


So, Bloomie, in his infinite wisdom, created Task Forces To Examine Plans for Old Firehouses.

Please let the Crapper be the first to testify. I promise my testimony will be short:

"Reopen them."


Anonymous said...

No development in a community until schools, hospitals, fire houses, and transporation infrastructure in place.

Actually, bringing in development without this is a public safety issue. Ummm ... might make the basis for a lawsuit

Anonymous said...

Let's try and figure it out.

#1 Bloomie closes a neighborhood firehouse.

#2 Then there's a fire on a property that can't be put out in time and the structure burns up.

#3 That means one less demolition permit is needed to clear that lot!

#4 The builder can then go ahead, unhampered and build a new structure (maybe on collected insurance money).

#5 Multiply this many times.

Doesn't this form of curtailing vital emergency services encourage urban renewal through arson?
H-m-m-m. A strange and diabolical form of city planning, perhaps, is in the works for certain areas?

Greedy Taxpayer said...

"Reopen the Firehouses".

Nah! That's sensible. Besides, how can I get any kickback from improving public safety?

When neighborhoods burn down, property values plunge, developers start the buy cheap/build ugly frenzy, sell high; scram. We all make a ton of money. Taxes can go up (new development, ya see?)

Little people? Screw them! That's the fun part of the process!

Anonymous said...

The NYC Mayor has mad cow and is unfit for duty, he needs to be removed immediately !