Monday, March 12, 2007

Avella vs. Liu on Flushing

The Daily News reports that Councilman Tony Avella, who is the chair of the City Council Land Use Subcommittee on Zoning, is not too keen on John Liu's idea of converting a manufacturing zone in Flushing to residential for "affordable" housing:

Warehouse sector eyed for housing

"What we should be doing is encouraging the resurgence of the manufacturing base," he said.

Photo from NYC Council.


Anonymous said...

From industrial warehouses to human warehouses.....h-m-m-m......that's Liu's and Stavisky's idea of affordable housing? Building on toxic sites!

Where have they been for all theses years....asleep at the government wheel when their constituency kept raising the issue of the need for affordable housing?

Probably too busy taking campign contributions from those developers who were building housing for the rich!

Anonymous said...

Avella wants to save manufacturing?

I will think of that the next time I walk through Ravenswood and Hunters Point and look at all those towers he voted for.

Towers full of people that didn't live or work in the community and displaced the largest manufacturing district in Queens.

taxpayer said...

So the politicians say they want affordable housing? There are two ways to have it:
(1) lock up the illegal aliens in this city; totally eliminate the idea of NY being a "Sanctuary City";
(2) totally eliminate rent control. It is the origin of the housing shortage and high prices and official corruption.

Bring back the manufacturing. That will provide jobs, and the Made-in-the-USA products.

Anonymous said...

Klaus said:

The taxpayer is correct. We should preserve our manufacturing base in Queens. Good paying jobs are the answer to many of NYC’s problems. Illegal aliens are a drain on the taxpayer in many ways and only benefit their greedy employers who exploit them and use every loophole and outright lie to defraud the government of taxes. John Liu’s one million plus campaign war chest is the result of the greedy ones who are depending on John to continue ruining the beautiful flushing neighborhood that he represents. Clearly it is not the result of his depth of knowledge of the issues that this city faces or his extraordinary performance as a councilman.