Wednesday, March 7, 2007

2 boroughs, 2 battles

Yes, the papers are still talking about the battle over the landmarking of Sunnyside:

A landmark or what?

Sunnyside Landmarking Meets With Opposition

Meanwhile in Manhattan, Historical Society Loses Round in Fight to Renovate a Landmark

Community Board 7 votes against plans of historical society

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Anonymous said...

"But homeowner Badrun Khan believes landmarking will increase fines, the cost of building repairs, insurance and property taxes. Khan, who recently collected 500 signatures in opposition to the designation, criticized LPC outreach in Bengali, Greek, Chinese, Urdu or Hindi.

I’m from the Bengali community,” she added, “which is a huge community here. I’ve been here for 10 years. Why was I just informed about this in November?”


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Mickeljohn's Bangla friend would think if she heard that the most immigrant block in the area was condemned by the good professor as the only 'bad' block in the community.

Its always fun to listen to politicians when they think the camera is not on znd the mike is turned off.

Anonymous said...

I just heard that radio host Brian Lehrer's anti-landmarking brother and Susan Meikeljohn (who are both homeowners in SSG) co-author books together!

Is this true?