Monday, July 6, 2015

So this happened again...

From CBS New York:

Witness Joe Illescas said his family was shopping when he believes the driver was trying to park in a handicap spot in front of the store.

“You can see that she was parking, trying to put it in park, she didn’t have it in park, took her foot off the brake and must have accelerated, right inside,” Illescas said. “Thank god there’s no tragedy, call it luck, a miracle, thank god everybody is okay.”

The driver was not injured.

About 15 people were inside of the store at the time. The manager reported she was cut by glass, but no one was seriously injured. Castro reports only the manager reported a small injury
The store is expected to be shut down for a week.


Anonymous said...

The driver was a 90 year old woman.

When is the DMV going to demand that seniors over the age of 70 or 75 have bi-yearly road tests?

I have a neighbor who is 88 and paralyzed by a stroke yet the DMV sent a license renewal to him. Patently absurd.

Joe said...

I have noticed this starts right after Easter time and lasts all summer. Out on Long Island and Cape Cod all these really old people driving with Florida license plates. They get confused, crash in reverse, drive down one ways streets, wrong lanes, swerve in and out of lanes 35MPH on the LIE and cause horrible accidents.
Agreed bi-yearly REFLEX and road tests are a must because they kill or hurt themselves and innocent others more then DWIs !!

Anonymous said...

Here are the statistics according to Consumer reports.

"Mile for mile, the crash rate for drivers ages 16 and 17, for example, is almost nine times as high as that for middle-aged drivers. People 80 and older are involved in 5.5 times as many fatal crashes per mile driven as middle-­aged drivers"

Young drivers are the most dangerous.

Anonymous said...

When I see an old car (1980s- to early 90s, usually in very good shape), driving slower than everyone else, I look for an old driver, and then I steer very clear, whether I'm driving or walking. I've see these things happen since I was a kid in the 1970s. Back then it was some old lady in a 1952 Ford, or similar.

Anonymous said...

Beware of blue haired women in large Buicks !

Anonymous said...

Offer to buy her Buick. A big boat American classic I wouldn't mind owning.
Come to think of it , the average SUV is probably just as big but boxier, limiting visibility for the driver.

Anonymous said...

She heard that they were holding a door buster sale and wanted to be the first customer in the store.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cord Meyer, who owns Bay Terrace, needs to build a low rampart buffer wall between the sidewalk and the road.