Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Does Fort Totten need better security?

From WPIX:

There is a call for increased security at New York’s military reserve bases.

For example, Fort Totten in Queens can have hundreds of army reservists training there on any given day but there are no armed guards at a checkpoint.

Fort Totten’s director of operations, Mac Harris, is worried. “To me, it’s just a matter of time,” he said.​ “We are just like sitting ducks here. Just waiting for something to happen.”

According to Congressman Steve Israel, armed guards were cut at Fort Totten in 2009. It was a budget cut.

Now it’s FDNY officers on light duty checking motorists’ identification. Pedestrians and bikers can walk right in.


Anonymous said...

I've taken my bike to Fort Totten numerous times. I thought only folks with an NYPD, FDNY or US Army ID were allowed to drive onto the base. Sad that budget cuts are potentially putting people in harm's way.

NRA members feel free to correct me but I think cyclists and pedestrians aren't really a huge security concern here for two reasons: (1) it would be easier to hide an automatic rifle in a car than on a bike or on your clothes as a pedestrian; and (2) I'd bet you could cause more havoc firing an automatic from a moving car than a moving bike. (I am assuming firing an automatic rifle from a moving bike would result in you falling down).

JQ said...

why doesn't Bratton donate that watchtower he put in Tompkins Square for a week? Maybe the Fort can use that illusory security device, you don't even need to have anyone in it.

Anonymous said...

Fort Totten is not just an FDNY and army base, a sizable chunk of its a city park that should be open to the public. The portino of Fort totten that is military is already fenced off and has its own security base. Thnaks to the WPIX reporter, access to Fort Totten's sports fields, publci pool and historic fort will now become even more difficult. It's bad enough that the public cannot drive into Fort Totten and must park in Little Bay Park.

Anonymous said...

Who, there go some problems for Bayside Historical Society.

georgetheatheist said...

Great for Jawin's Women's Center of Queens at Ft. Totten. First her clients have to schlep via subway and bus and then be greeted by guards and machine guns. Really convenient, no? All because Jawin had a bug up her decrepid ass to get her organization located there.

Anonymous said...

Anon one doesn't like the NRA and I'll bet he/she never had a problem with Obama,Eric Holder and the DOJ selling illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels that murdered thousand's of people including Border Patrol Angents so they could blame the NRA,lol
I'll bet anon#1 is a vegan,PETA member who sends a check faithfully to Planned Butcherhood to spare those tiny little murder victims from a life of poverty.

ron s said...


Anonymous said...

It's an open area. Pedestrians and bikers are SUPPOSED to be able to walk right in.

If you're worried about security, let some of the military personal carry sidearms.

JQ said...

Thnaks to the WPIX reporter, access to Fort Totten's sports fields, publci pool and historic fort will now become even more difficult

Anyone find her expose' a bit stupid? Especially when she passes the gate and shouts "I'm inside a military base!!! Hello!!!" Like someone with a local news mic who arrived with a news van whose producer certainly arranged to do a story trying to link a tragedy and drum up the perpetual culture of fear is going to be jumped by guards, make that jumped by a bored firefighter who rather be somewhere else.

And behold our tax dollars at work with the useless press conference. And as was previously mentioned now kids will have to endure the sights of a panopticon watchtower and stormtrooper garbed police at the front. Because you never know when the next woman who looks more she's going to a cocktail party than spraying automatic fire might approach the gate.

Speaking of which,all the women at pix news look like professional escorts.

Anonymous said...

When a Nation is at war with a Guerrilla Radical Islamic enemy daily killing innocent people in the Middle East. scattering the refugees all over Europe,would it not be Stupidity to not protect your citizens and sitting duck military personnel .?How many more "WORK PLACE " mass killings have to take place by radical Moslems in the U.S. Fort Totten is also a military base.

Anonymous said...

This is a safe place leave it up to the news to make a story about how unsafe it is! Please this is Bayside queens not third world! The fort is in a million dollar town! Anything for a story news worthy not really.