Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sanders is a campaign finance scofflaw

From the Daily News:

Queens state Sen. James Sanders owes nearly $20,000 to the city Campaign Finance Board for violations during his 2009 City Council run, records show.

Sanders, a Democrat, was fined $10,113 in 2013 and ordered to pay back more than $21,000 in public campaign funds after he failed to report transactions and accepted improper corporate contributions.

So far, Sanders has yet to pay the fine but has returned all but $8,953 of the public funds, board spokesman Matt Sollars said.


Joe Moretti said...

He is from Jamaica Queens, so it runs through his blood to be on the not so straight and narrow path.

Anonymous said...

Garnish his wages already, as would have been done to mine had I been so delinquent on my obligation!

Anonymous said...

The cops have a federal monitor and a special prosecutor because they supposedly cant police themselves. So why is it that state/ city politicians don't have the same? How can an elected politician oversee fellow pols? Speak up people!!

Anonymous said...

Hate that phony smile.

JQ said...

I hate Jamaica electeds so much.

Did anyone see this? For this creep will use his slick accounting abilities along with his shady peers and predator developer benefactors to revitalize Jamaica (featuring the above poster)