Thursday, July 2, 2015

Protesters slam Schneiderman for phoniness

From the Daily News:

Anti-gentrification protesters tried to drown out state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Wednesday in Brooklyn as he announced plans for an affordable housing development.

Demonstrators shouted “Affordable for who?” and “Stop gentrification!” as Schneiderman revealed plans for 3,740 new affordable rental units in New York State, including 2,500 in New York City.

He also said Citibank and the Bank of America will provide over $75 million in low-interest loans to developers of affordable housing.

The press conference occurred outside the Sunset Park Library on Fourth Ave., which is slated to for expansion with new affordable rental units on top.

But protesters charged the development was approved without consulting the local community and said it will take away their library for two years for construction.

1) Why is the attorney general announcing an affordable housing initiative? That's not what his role is.

2) Wow, 117 units for Queens? That will sure go a long way!

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Anonymous said...

He's making the announcement because he is a soldier of the Left, and with the Left your official title is just cover and concealment for your real mission