Thursday, July 2, 2015

How landmarks in Queens are really celebrated

From George the Atheist.


Anonymous said...

We applaud Borough President Katz for celebrating the wealth of Queens landmarks and the anniversary of the City’s landmark’s law, said NY Landmarks Conservancy.

The Commission is thrilled to celebrate this banner year with Borough Present Katz and with many of our beloved Queens landmarks, said the Chair of the Landmarks Commission. Since the Commission was founded 50 years ago, we have protected well over 4,000 buildings in Queens and this is an exciting opportunity for all us to experience the boroughs rich cultural, historic, and architectural history,

Anonymous said...

Still like to know about the "Queens Preservation Council" and Mitchel Grubler's credentials to pass judgment on community's in Queens.

While we are at it, why they meet in secret and do not reveal their minutes. This is not the 1930s and they are not "the smoke filled room". Perhaps playing at relevance, but in reality are wannabes.

Anonymous said...

This rehabilitation of the Steinway grounds will render it as beautiful as that other Queens landmark, the RKO Keith's.

Anonymous said...

Yes, "Queens Preservation Council", "Queensboro Preservation League" (if it still exists)' "Queens Historical Society"....and last but not least "The Greater Astoria Historical Society" for falling down on the job of allowing this Steinway mansion desecration!
The only one who is doing a fine job of shining a light on our corrupt politicians and their disregard for Queens landmarks , as well as its history in general is George. Thank you for publishing all of your photos here. Let all bear witness to the shame of Queens borough hall. They are the #1 criminals here. Melinda Katz may prattle her "great regard" for historic preservation, but in reality she is nothing more than an ambitious developers' slut. When a public official gets most of her campaign money from the real estate industry, what else can you call her? A slut by any other name is still the builders' whore. She will lie down with anyone who will leave $$$$$$ on her pillow.

Anonymous said...

Still like to know what, in reality, GAHS has done regarding Steinway. Did they pull out all of the stops to prevent what you all see here?
They seem extremely adept in defending themselves as having tried everything. But what do we see? Nothing but destruction.
They broadcast excuses yet have done very little. They're main concern for Steinway was trying to secure the mansion as their headquarters. And even at that they failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

You are not getting off the hook just yet, GAHS.
You are full of beans! All words and little action. How come you still remain silent about what's going on here?

Anonymous said...

Your are either part of the solution or part of the problem. The way most see it is that anemic historical societies like GAHS and QHS are certainly part of the problem. Don't upset the apple cart and the politicians will dole out your allowance. Openly express any outrage and it's go to bed without your supper.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to attend GAHS's "Summer Scan Party".

Extracted from their program guide:
"Come in with your treasures and we will scan them. Take home your originals and we will preserve your piece of history in our archives",
A great way to gather material for their use in future publications.
Though this is commendable, Is that the best effort that can be mounted to protect Steinway?

Anonymous said...

That's right, divert the blame to "Queens Preservation Council" and other such do nothing groups.
Meanwhile you folks at GAHS, supposedly the premiere preservation society of Astoria, allows what is happening at the mansion go on without a peep. Your silence is shameful! Sorry, but the diversionary tactics won't work. Point the finger at yourself first, before you assign the blame to others, my fine friends of Steinway at GAHS. We can all see through your smokescreen.

Anonymous said...

Still not a word or action from GAHS.
When are you planning to hold a day of outrage rally?
I guess when he'll freezes over.

georgetheatheist said...

MY open letter to Mr. John Paulson, benefactor and philanthropist, born and bred in Queens, owner of Steinway and Sons whose sister literally wept when their father did not bring home a Steinway piano . . . here. Plus additional pix of the destruction site.

Did you, Dear Reader, also contact Mr. Paulson? Did you also go outside the accepted way of doing things here in Queens dictated by the political establishment? Do you celebrate your independence on this forthcoming Independence Day? Are you a man or a mouse . . . cowering and timorous?

John Paulson contact info:

Paulson&Co., Inc.

212 956-2221

1251 Avenue of the Americas
NYC, NY 10020

Joe Moretti said...

Keep it up George!

Nu? said...

Melinda Katz, a daughter of an orchestra leader, has no rachmones for what's going on here? She must truly be beholden to the developers' moolah-smoolah. This woman represents the best of Queens? And she even thinks she's a singer. G_d help the Steinway legacy.

Anonymous said...

Don't mean spit unless the community board and politicians both line up behind the community. Paulson, and anyone else will do squat until that happens.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that tell you how messed up Queens is. Only in Queens would they go after the Sisters of Charity while the Party Bosses sell the cross and nails to the highest bidder. The politicians did this, and with that Gerry fellow on the community board appointed by the politicians even you get the picture.

Vallone! Gianaris! Costa! Katz! Vallone again. Calliendo! Donato! Stamatiades! Van Bramer!

What is wrong with you people? Queens must be the only place on earth stupid enough to elevate its particular form of lowlifes over themselves, then abuse anyone that brings in some fresh air. In Queens, if you try to raise the bar, they knock you down. It is soooooo much easier to whine and complain then to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. LOSERS.

Anonymous said...

as more S.E Asian immigrants open businesses on FRANCIS LEWIS BLVd. ,the merchants are not honoring the local signator of the Declaration of Independence. he and his family struggled after the stand against England's "TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION" policies.

note the "day care" @ 39th avenue /F.L.B. & wines and spirits @ 37 th avenue/F.L.B. they only have "FRANCIS " on their signs. and no visible address posted.

will our American history be buried forever ?

the FRANCIS LEWIS PLAYGROUND exists between 42 avenue & Station Rd.on F.L.B.. why not place a honoring plaque on the wall entrance. the new immigrant children going to P.S.130 Q should know this American Hero's history and bravery/patriotism.


Anonymous said...

Anon No. 16: And this relates to George's post in what way? And this relates to grammatically correct English in what way?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm....GAHS still remains silent and has even given up defending their "honor" here. What is there left to defend?
They finally decided to throw in the towel. Into the heavy wash cycle it goes....hoping that laundering will wash out the stains of their own small time corruption. Yes, they are corrupt in their own way. Silence is the coward's form of participating in any crime.
Nobody called the cops when Kitty Genovese was being murdered. Let QHS comment on that sordid shameful bit of Queens' history.

Anonymous said...

GAHS's grandiose opinion of themselves is apparently far more important than entering the fray.
Gentleman officers is what they are. Send in someone else to do the fighting. Then comment and accuse others of falling down on the job.
Return to your archives. Cajole photographic images from others, and make money off of them to pay your rent. What use are you in preserving the fabric of Astoria? You are not needed. The Queensboro Public Library, in Jamaica, has a far superior collection of photographs and ephemera. You are a redundant weakly group. You dare to wonder why you are underfunded?

Anonymous said...

True about GAHS. Without Kevin Walsh of Forgotten New York, their power of attraction would be dismal.
I am considering not renting my membership. Find your spine or lose my interest in you.

Anonymous said...

GAHS is hosting a showing of the King Kong film.
Isn't that a bit off their radar screen? They should be hosting a slide show and talk about what is going on at Steinway. I am sure that George
would be glad to allow them to feature his destruction chronicle of images that we see here on Queens Crap. Thanks again, George, for composing this archive of mutilation and destruction. It must be painful to watch as your photo record is being made.

Anonymous said...

Don't forgot she refuse to even consider landmarking the Trylon theater.

Anonymous said...

Yes....when Melinda Katz was a council member....she refused to support the landmark worthy Trylon theater to be calendered for landmarking. She was in the developers' pockets then. She is in their pockets now.

Anonymous said...

More likely alley Katz was in some developer's fly working his Johnson for a campaign contribution.
Then a slut. Now a county courtesan. No more two dollar BJs for her. Her price has gone up. She longs to be mayor, no doubt.
Pucker up, Melinda and learn a few more tricks for the bigger money. Perhaps Liz Crowley could give you some pointers there.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Uh, Ms. Katz, why not hold one of your Katz concerts on the front lawn of the Steinway mansion?

Anonymous said...

The developers are celebrating along with their whore, borough president Katz.
She only gives lip service to protecting our landmarks.
Her developer pals get the genuine variety of lip service from her.
Shut up. Spit out and put the political payment in your campaign war chest.

Anonymous said...

WTF is there to celebrate? Queens is bereft of landmarks. Those that exist are neglected or desecrated.

Anonymous said...

The most annoying thing about this is the borough president, the cultural person (what ever her name is), the borough historican, Queens historical, and a tiny handful of the 'favored' institutions (like Noguchi and MMI) were in this while the rest of the borough was excluded.

There are scores of institutions and individuals listed from all over the city - in Queens, you could count the people, and then the organizations, on one hand with fingers left over.

Why is Volker Orth listed and not Douglaston or Jackson Heights. And why are the people in Richmond Hill persona-non-grata while Noguchi (now what the hell are they about in landmarking) listed? What about St Saviour or Brinkerfhoff?

That the Steinway Mansion crew made up that poster is a scream. Everyone should do the same with their community showing the most egregious examples of mutilated or lost buildings whose only problem was their councilman was against designation for their community (while he or she would routinely vote for someone else's community).

Jack Eichenbaum and Mitchel Grubler are irrelevant and a big part of the problem. Its about time we define a new standard for Queens.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that Queens has the most planned communities and model housing in the country. Inexcusable that was intentionally left out, even more so that QHS and the borough historian said nothing.

Richard Iritano said...

Melinda Katz is a corrupt, dishonest, disloyal and dangerous, faux public servant who continues to betray all public trust with impunity. For the past 18 months, Empress Katz (she believes that she was appointed to a monarchy rule), has been overseeing secretive meetings to hatch an ill conceived plan that was likewise secretly carried over by the previous Helen Marshall administration of diabolical fail, to destroy the fountain base in Kew Gardens Plaza, where a prominent 'Triumph of Civic Virtue' once towered over Queens Boulevard with pride, purpose and dignity, and just like Marshall, Katz herself has rejected all public transparency, Community Board 9 full board votes, public outcry and a democratic process to allow all Queens taxpayers to decide what they want for the now blighted plaza of nearly three years---and where the resounding public voice demands that Civic Virtue be returned to a working fountain base.

In her speech before CB9, on June 10, 2014, it was Melinda Katz herself who spoke about a new era of openness and transparency for people to be directly involved in their respective communities---all bold face lies and deception, because she instantly betrayed all public trust with a vengeance, which has already surpassed by far, the secrecy and incompetence of Helen Marshall's corrupt Borough Hall. Now, it's Katz's turn to betray public trust with impunity---and the public, so far be damned!

Richard Iritano said...

Where is public outcry? Where are public meetings to demand that all Queens citizens get to decide what is in their backyard regarding public art (that was capriciously evicted when Civic Virtue was cowardly hauled off into the night air, on December 15, 2012)? When did a borough president take license to make decisions that we have already paid for with our tax dollars, but for whom we don't have a voice when it's ignored and irresponsibly disregarded? When were we ever asked about a 'planted ruin' at the statue's long standing site, that was also proposed by Helen Marshall to serve the public with a memorial to the women of Queens politics---when we were never asked what we wanted, and when we've already make countless calls for the statue's urgent return?

Is this what an unresponsive democracy has devolved to---a totalitarian, monarchy rule that is drunk with power and unchallenged? Where is due process?

Because of a complete failure to represent the people of Queens County, Melinda Katz is no longer a custodian of public trust---but, one who flagrantly betrays it, while she abrogates our very rights, voices and freedoms. Did Queens County change its policies to a secretive rule of communism/fascism?

Richard Iritano said...

Now, the onus falls on outside action to hold Borough Hall accountable by its utterly fed up and disgusted, unrepresented people, in order to halt all incoming bids to destroy Kew Gardens Plaza, at the dirty and merciless hands of Katz herself, and her lackey staff and imperious henchmen. My organization, Civic Virtue Task Force has been completely ignored for more than 15 months, since our first (and only meeting), with an intensely incompetent administration that has no regard for the public that it apparently has stopped serving.

In the end, Queens County could not be more corrupt and ravaged right now---even if nuclear warfare were to obliterate it to smithereens! And, when people of public trust and power like Katz start making decisions that are not in their purview to make and capriciously enforce, while showing a reckless disregard for public forum, then anarchy is the final demise for any and all democracy, which in Queens County no longer exists!

Together, we can fight for what is right and just---and, right now the residents of Queens demand a halt to all bidding for this publicly unauthorized plaza site, where the only sane and rational action to take is to return Civic Virtue to the people who paid for its conservation, without further delay, or First Amendment rights violations!

Melinda Katz can never be trusted with any power of publicly elected office ever again. She has failed her public duties, her purportedly beloved borough and her subjects--- completely and egregiously! Hence, our battle continues, in order to reclaim and restore democracy back to the people who rightfully demand it!

Anonymous said...

Still no words from GAHS. They're on summer schedule.
When will you wait to schedule a rally....a day of outrage....when school resumes in the fall?
They've got their books to sell and Kevin Walsh's tours to book.
Before Forgotten New York's boy hooked up with GAHS, I'll bet they were practically bankrupt.
That rent at Quinn's undertaking parlor must be steep.

Anonymous said...

Yes, be sure to attend GAHS's scanning party so they can steal your family's historic images and sell them.
Right, become a part of history. What a racket. They should turn over all their archives to the Queens library and become a mean an lean organization. They exist, at this point, to protect and maintain their collection. There is no money or time left after that to defend the real historic fabric of Queens, like the Steinway mansion. Their resources go into paying rent. So what else is new?
Being renters doth make cowards of us all. The landlord rules our lives. Now, QHS does not pay rent to anyone. They get a free ride on NYC parkland and own Kingsland House. They used to get their utility bills covered by NYC Parks Dept. WTF is their excuse for not making some big noise about what's going on at Steinway? Their chief of operations loves to keep a low profile just like a certain fellow at GAHS.

Anonymous said...

No Queens borough president can be trusted. The office exists to grease overdevelopment.
The kickback money goes into re-electing the sitting beep. Then the torch of corruption gets passed onto a new beep.

Anonymous said...

Does that tired old Geritol preservation group still hold its meetings at borough hall?
What a bunch of useless old fools, thinking that they're making a difference. This is little more that a social club of history nerds who lack any real gumption. They are bereft of ideas, and if somebody comes up with a good one they can quickly find some reason to quash it.
Just keep dropping a nickel in the jukebox to play the same old tune 'til the disc wears out.
They get a free room at the hall and then Melinda Katz can brag about letting them use it and pass herself off as the queen or historic preservation.
Boy, are you dummies being used! Them we have Jack Eichenvaum, the "borough historian".
Low caliber borough....low caliber historian, who does not support the landmarking concept as the best way to go. Groan. Queens voters, it is you damn fault for being the supreme dumb bells!

Jerry Rotondi said...

1. stupid voters
2. crooked politicians
3. self serving borough historian
4. weak insular historical societies
5. pro overdevelopment beep
6. anemic media coverage

Add it all up. We come out ZERO!

To get out of the red we must start with educating Queens' voters.
Is that expecting too much?

Anonymous said...

The cultural scene in Queens is a mess.

For example, we have the Queens Library and God knows how many items were lent there and disappeared. Or the board of directors that looked more like the Queens Cement Bureau than anything that even remotely smells of education or cerebral activity. Millions that vanished down a dark hole with no accountability.

All that money and we have the worst service, poorest hours, and most expensive buildings that are little more than baby sitting and senior center lounges.

A real black eye when its board got removed - you should have heard what people were saying outside the borough laughing that even the library is a home to scoundrels. The sad thing is that the directors were politely asked to leave and not prosecuted - and are being replaced by the same type of people.

What image does this show to kids? These removed trustees are seen in our newspapers still holding positions of public trust - and even worse - access to public money.

Anonymous said...

Hey George, we know you are posting! Have a good Fourth!

Richard Iritano said...

Queens County is now a Greek tragedy, and at the helm of this devolved and rapidly crumbling former civilization is a literal (and political) succubus like no other, and her name is Melinda Katz!

Even Caligula himself, were he alive today, would learn how to be even more rapacious and predatory from this predatory force of evil that knows no limits.

Where are you, Preet Bharara? Queens County needs you and your investigators ten years ago!

Anonymous said...

What the Queens Borough President or the Queens Borough Historian, or the Queens Borough Preservation Council did not tell you:

There was a big celebration going on in the city:

There are 44 programs - only two from Queens are listed: MOMI and Bowne House. It seems all the nice little tours that Katz had you do never got into the real world of the official celebrations:

The cute note from the Landmarks Chair to Queens (above) is hard to read as is our own Melinda's comments:

There were 129 organizations registered - only 5 from Queens - Rockaway Bungalow, Bowne House, Flushing Counicl, MOMI, and Noguchi.

You can join directly and we urge you to do so:

Once again, we are kept in the dark and out of what is happening in the rest of the city.

This must stop!

Richard Iritano said...

We are kept in the dark about everything here in Queens County, Anonymous (where even the installation of a mega lighthouse couldn't produce enough wattage to force the never ending political cockroaches to scatter at the first sight of its cleansing light), because the entire borough itself is so entrenched in systemic corruption, and a willful dereliction of public duty, that there is nothing by way of censure and punishment, in order to keep politicians focused on their purported constituents, and not continue to practice 'selective' and 'occasional' representation.

And, given that no borough ever needs another patronage job again, like the title of borough president itself (because we already have 50 city councilman of 'bought-and-paid-for' political worthlessness), does it really surprise anyone how Melinda Katz is yet another quintessential, class A narcissist: arrogant, deceitful, manipulative, greedy, selfish, self-absorbed, cowardly, derelict, dishonorable, disloyal, dysfunctional, sneaky, shady, passive aggressive, unapologetic and unrepentant?

It's a monumentgal disgrace of total disbelief, then, that this voracious thief already has her eyes focused on the mayoralty, as she continues to not serve Queens with a level of callous, detached, dishonor and shameless depravity, that instantly makes Donald Manes look downright honest and ethical!

Calling on Preet Bharara---emergency indictment services!

Anonymous said...

Blame the Vallones. The people behind this donnybrook are the Vallones - pure n simple. Every time someone would talk to Mike he brought up what they told him to do.

As it was explained to me, half of Queens was invited to a meeting about the mansion a few months before Mike died. It was held at Citibank in Vollonia. To the right of Peter was the Historic House Trust guy, and to his left, someone from St Micheal's Cemetery. Wha?

Well was St Micheals once listed as a client of daddy's consulting firm?

Instead of supporting the community's effort to buy the mansion, was Jr strategy dictated by daddy's consulting firm client? Does this explain his fixation not on looking at everyone option to save the mansion, but on making a park?

Adding to the mystery were bills submitted by Gianaris and Simotas

St. Michael's Cemetery has agreed to transfer a replacement parcel of land to the City of New York in order to replace the park land acquired and ensure that the western Queens community does not lose valuable green space.

Was the Mansion that space?

Does this explain the refusal of Jr to meet with the Friends, or to discuss anything else but parkland? Or the refusal of the Astoria pols, despite Markey and borough hall, to help the Friends?

We lost 2010, 2011, 2012 to this nutty scheme. By the time the Friends decided to move forward it was too late.

Look at what you see there today.

Don't blame the Friends. Blame the Astoria politicians for this