Friday, July 3, 2015

Bike crackdown in western Queens

From LIC Post:

The 108th Precinct has been targeting law-breaking bicyclists.

The precinct–which covers Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City—issued 352 bicycle summonses over the past 28 days, compared to just three for the same period a year ago.

The summonses were for a range of offences—such as going through red lights, riding against traffic and failure to adhere to a multitude of road rules.

Captain John Travaglia, the commanding officer of the 108 precinct, said that 560 bicycle summonses have been issued in the precinct year to date, up from 75 for the same six-month period last year. He said the number also included wayward bicycle delivery people.

Travaglia said the clamp down is partly the result of adhering to Vision Zero, a concept that aims to reduce traffic fatalities to zero.

He said that the precinct has yet to have any traffic fatalities so far this year and that this push is to help minimize deaths.

“We have all witnessed it,” Travaglia said. “Some bicyclists are like dare devils; they go through red lights fast and yet they don’t know what is coming.”

He said that he has been targeting bicyclists just like motorist to reduce injuries and fatalities.


Roger said...

In my observation, nearly all the bicyclists in New York run red lights. They slow down a bit at intersections, check for cars, then keep right on going.

Anonymous said...

A major crackdown is needed all along Queens Blvd. Pick any intersection.

Anonymous said...

"I'll give you my bike when you pry it from my cold, dead hands"
Just saying :-) ...

Anonymous said...

Good effin luck! The CARS don't even stop for stop signs OR red lights in broke-down Third World Flooshing!!!

Anonymous said...

Vision Zero?

more like

Zero Vision

J said...

The danger stems almost entirely from car drivers. Go ahead and ticket a cyclist riding the wrong way but most of these other 'crimes' are as harmless as jaywalking. Nearly literally every car on Queens Blvd sped past as they harassed these cyclists.

"targeting bicyclists just like motorist to reduce injuries and fatalities."

Bicyles are not "just like" motorists in that their vehicles weigh ~800+ lbs less, go ~10-20 mph slower, take up 1/5th the road space. Treating them as comparable threats to public safety is idiotic.

Anonymous said...

They are threats to themselves. We don't erect permanent tributes to pedestrians or motorists killed, but the ghost bikes are everywhere. They think they are better than everyone else and they ride with that attitude as well.

Anonymous said...

Drivers should just slow the fuck down !

Patty Basilla said...

another way the city can take the your money go after bikes who voted for this we didn't there are enough reasons for the police to give tickets we don't need them after bikes we need them to fight crime not to give tickets is this the reason they hired more cops to increase revenue for the city

JQ said...

Usually when this much enforcement takes place is when somebody gets critically maimed or killed.

I for one am rejoicing for this. These bastards who ride these motorized bikes Aka pussybikes do so with reckless impunity. When I ride in the city I always look behind me for these creeps more than cars. Those bikes can actually go 30 mph. I believe they think they are above the law because they are serving the tower people.

I am risking to come off xenophobic, but the majority of those delivery guys do not speak english and I am sure they refuse to because it's a good crutch to avoid arguments from reasonable folk.

Nothing will happen, for app-based consumerism is so massive right now, restaurants and other take out joints can afford a meager fine and these degenerates will continue their awful riding habits.

Roger makes a good point of biking etiquette, treating reds like stop signs. Unfortunately most cops refuse to distinguish between someone using caution and those who whiz by without a care just to write a ticket.

Now if they could get those brakeless fixed bike riders, I'm sure all of you seen them.

Anonymous said...

I guess those LIC hipsters have been getting hit by bikes.
You cannot promote real estate by allowing bike hit and runs.
How come nobody is cracking down on these coked up bikers elsewhere?

Patty Basilla said...

they are not motorized bikes they are pedal bikes look at the picture at the top of the article they are bicycles

JQ said...

I saw the picture Patty it's just a random photo of a bike. The majority of them drive the motorized ones and are horrible riders that show no concern for others.

If you are an habitual biker, just try to be tactful and be aware of your surroundings and you'll be fine.