Friday, March 6, 2015

NBC discovers Indian green card scam

From NBC:

There‘s growing concern that undocumented young men are illegally crossing the US border knowing they can head to family court for help getting special immigration status. It’s a little known route they’ve learned to navigate with the help of lawyers and criminal human smugglers who sources say are profiting. I-Team reporter Melissa Russo has this exclusive story.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Obama years where If you break the law, you're considered a hero and get your green card handed to you on a silver platter served by Obama himself!!

Anonymous said...

As long as the US remains an illegal immigration magnet, immigration laws will be circumvented. Since Queens is the most "diverse" borough in the nation we have a lot to worry about. We need a new president soon, not some pantywaist that does the dishes while his wife runs the country.

Anonymous said...

All a bunch of pansies for politicians. we have Obama who does almost nothing and NYC is blessed with DeBlasio. Man it can't get any worse than this, we need real leaders.

Anonymous said...

Omaba? the Mayor?

While you are at it, blame God for making you stupid.

Its the city council. Everything that happens in this city can be traced back to them:

1. resume building,
2. campaign fund raising,
3. making the city secure for the party.

Everything else is not important.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I could see Obama in a pink ruffled apron doing the dishes in the White House kitchen while Michele gossips on the phone with Hillary. Wonder what Michelle's e mail looks like?