Saturday, January 10, 2015

Van Bramer concerned about Vernon Mall plan

From the LIC Post:

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has “serious concerns” about the Department of City Planning’s proposal to extend the Vernon Mall beyond 51st Avenue to make way for public space.

The proposal, put forward by City Planning at a community board meeting in November, would extend the mall toward Borden Avenue and replace the strip where more the 30 cars are parked. The additional public space, the department argued, would complement the existing mall that has trees and benches.

However, the proposal has received some push back from local residents and business owners. They claim the loss of the parking spaces would hurt small business.

At the community board meeting when the proposal was put forward, several board members were hesitant about the plan. While they appreciated the concept of additional public space, they were concerned that the lost parking spaces would cause problems.


r185 said...

What's the time limit on the parking there? I seem to recall that it's several hours. If so, that's not for shoppers, that's for commuters and the business owners.

Anonymous said...

So councilman Jimmy doesn't like the plan. What goes around comes around Jimmy. You have been taking campaign donations from developers such as the Wolkoff family who destroyed 5 Piontz and now you get bitten on the ass by those venomous snakes. Enjoy your selling out of your community.

Anonymous said...

Van Bramer is concerned about being butt fucked by city planning. Hmmmmm.

OAR said...

The parking meters have a 2 hour limit. It was changed about 2 years ago from 8 hours so that it is not used by commuters any more.

Anonymous said...

The street is wider than it needs to be. They could widen the sidewalk, put in a small strip between the parked cars and end up with a more pleasant environment without reducing parking or throughput capacity.

Anonymous said...

Can they plant trees over the QMT and amtrak tunnels?

r185 said...

I just wish they'd make northbound Vernon as it crosses 50th Ave safer. Hard for drivers and pedestrians.

Anonymous said...

Used to be a park there - thats ok, take away my sidewalk for trees so you can build on public space.

BTW, Jimmy,come clean with the community about the die-in and your relations with the city council president and the mayor.

Who do you represent - our community or your ambitions?

Anonymous said...

Bend over Jimmy. It's your turn in the barrel!