Friday, January 2, 2015

Unattended soup may have killed 3 at Lefrak City

From the Epoch Times:

A traditional Haitian holiday soup left unattended on a stove likely sparked a deadly fire that killed a couple and their relative, fire officials said Thursday.

Louise Jean-Charles, 59, her husband, Napoleon Michel, 69, and 37-year-old Nadia Donnay were unconscious inside the apartment when firefighters arrived minutes before midnight.

They were pronounced dead at hospitals.

Jean-Charles’s son, Sergeory Jean-Charles, 36, told the Daily News that the dish was called Soup Joumou, a spicy pumpkin soup they make every year.

It’s served on Jan. 1—the anniversary of Haiti’s liberation from France.

“It’s a New Year’s tradition,” the distraught son told the newspaper.

And then this happened:

"This woman was upset NYPD would not allow her to enter the burning building with her infant and proceeded to assault the officer."


Anonymous said...

Did it have gasoline in it?

Anonymous said...

Nah, just old tires.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly fine letting something cook in a hut somewhere when utilities are brief and sporadic. Keeping it on the stoves for hours on end is the only way to get it done.

But cheap labor and automatic Democratic votes does come at a price. Sometimes the 3rd World does not translate well to the 1st.

JQ said...

what a stupid broad,using her baby stroller as a cudgel.

this idiot must have thought that if the cops arrested her,she would be another cause for ignorant protest about excessive force and brutality.

kudos crapper for these posts about nypd efficiency.although they got a long way to go because of the system they work in and it's enabling of real abusive corrupt cops.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the baby?