Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The NYPD's questionable no-bid contract

From the NY Post:

The NYPD is poised to issue a no-bid contract to a Martha’s Vineyard-based firm who’s boss is a pal of Bill Bratton who worked with the police commissioner when he was a private consultant, records show.

The department plans to sign the deal with Strategic Policy Partnerships to fulfill Bratton and Mayor de Blasio’s mandate to fix community policing in the wake of the Eric Garner case.

The firm would help high-ranking officers mend community relations and enhance cadet training among other tasks, according to a Dec. 19 notice in the City Record, the city’s official publication for procurements.

The consulting firm is run by Bratton friend Robert Wasserman. Bratton — who ran his own law-enforcement consulting firm, the Bratton Group, before taking over the NYPD’s top job last January — raked in more than $53,000 while working with Wasserman on a contract with the Baltimore Police Department in 2013.

Their firms also worked together as law-enforcement consultants in Oakland, Calif., where Bratton earned $125,000.

Last year, Wasserman’s firm had a contract “involving the transition of the Bratton administration in 2014” that was funded through the nonprofit Police Foundation, according to NYPD Deputy
Commissioner Stephen Davis.

But the new contract will be with the NYPD and will be paid for by taxpayers.

The NYPD refused to disclose the amount of the contract, and Police Foundation President Susan Birnbaum did not return calls.


Anonymous said...

I don't trust Bratton. He has become Deblahsios puppet and has done nothing but brown nose the mayor these past few months in order to save his own job.

Anonymous said...

FDNY Comm.Tom Von Essen did a no bid contract for $44 million that killed 120 firefighters on 9/11,look they steal from us and we know it,were not part of the party and we get it but come on Don't make idiots of us,John Gotti had more class than these criminals.

georgetheatheist said...

Seems like everyone's got or had a "Group". The McLauglin Group, the Bratton Group.

How 'bout a Queens Crap Group? High consulting fees to be had.

JQ said...

this answers my question on why and what bratton stands to gain sticking around

these people are crass and soulless as the pigs who run samaritan village.Profits must be made to certain individuals so the needs of the people are met.

the victors and the spoils

Anonymous said...

Let's see if the Comptroller allows this contract to be registered

Anonymous said...

This Boston bean head commish has got something on his mind....perhaps a payoff in his pocket too?

Anonymous said...

NYC's mayor and cops are out of hand. NYC is at the mercy of its muni labor unions. NYC's schools suck. It will take martial law for us to regain our once held lead.

Addie said...

"The NYPD refused to disclose the amount of the contract..."

So, we're paying for it, but the amount we're paying has been declared to be none of our business?!