Thursday, January 1, 2015

Landlord tries to get illegal hostel shut down

From the Daily News:

An East Harlem landlord is taking steps to shutter an illegal hostel that has been operating in the Lexington Ave. building since the summer, the Daily News has learned.

A three-bedroom apartment in the building at E. 122nd St. is being rented out on, where guests are invited to stay in apartment 6G at a nightly rate of $199 per bed this holiday season.

Most galling, perhaps, is the fact that this unit is enrolled in a federal program that keeps rents affordable for low-income residents. The apartment in question rents for $1,017 per month — almost $2,000 per month less than the unit would fetch at market rate.

That means the tenant is making a killing — on the taxpayers’ dime.


JQ said...

what a scumbag.this is why airbnb and all these social networking derived businesses are bad for the city and the economy.

it's getting to be impossible to regulate these amateur enterpreneurs,in addition to the unscrupulous types who do illegal conversions to house those who can use this apt..

but in city hall and the D.O.B.,it's not a crisis if it can be managed.

tourists matter more than citizens.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the more obvious solution to allow the landlord to charge the market rate for this apartment?

Anonymous said...

East 122st and for $199 they throw in free body bags when they carry you out feet first.👮