Thursday, January 8, 2015

How sweet it is!

From the Daily News:

Fans of a beloved Queens bakery that was facing eviction won’t need to bid farewell to their favorite custom cakes and croissants, at least for now.

The owner of Bonelle Pastry Shop — which was told to vacate its Ascan Ave. spot in Forest Hills at the end of 2014, after more than 20 years in the neighborhood — is in negotiations to stay, according to supporters in the community.

“Bonelle is not being evicted and has been given a fair rent increase on their existing lease,” said Josh Peskay, who helped organize support for the bakery when word of its closure spread last November.

An outcry from neighbors and help from the new Dunkin’ Donuts next door may have convinced landlord Chaim Babad of Real Estate Management Co. to reconsider. Babad and Bonelle owner Rahita Ravel could not be reached for comment.


Anonymous said...

That's good news. Still wondering what else could go into that small a space. Perhaps Nicks could expand but I don't think he would want to pick up the extra rent.

Anonymous said...

I used to frequent Bonelle's years ago, and the owner (or maybe it was her sister) was incredibly nasty to customers. I witnessed more than a few people storm out and lots of people in the neighborhood refused to patronize her business. Perhaps she mellowed.

And please, Nick's doesn't need to expand - they sling enough of that horrible, burnt pizza.

Anonymous said...

Nick's pizza isn't all that great but the place could definitely expand a few feet as the seating is cramped at for the bakery, i've been inside only once but the person did seem nonchalant and indifferent; guess that's better then nasty lol...

Anonymous said...

"Babad" "Ravel" ?
Where the hell are these foreigners getting all this cash to buy up all these buildings and real estate companys ?

Anonymous said...

Dunkin Donuts helped them?