Saturday, January 3, 2015

Because what LIC needs is more hotels

From the Queens Courier:

With about 20 new hotels in five years, it’s easy to see that Long Island City has become a hot hotel neighborhood in the city.

Now, the burgeoning neighborhood is set to double the number of new hotels with nearly 20 more hotels planned, according to information from business advocacy organization LIC Partnership. A construction permit to begin work on one of the new hotels was filed with the Buildings Department on Christmas Eve.

Anthony Pecora, president of Forte Italia LLC, filed permits to construct a 17-story hotel with 243 rooms at 41-08 Crescent St.

The hotel will have nearly 150,000 square feet of space, and there will be a 127-space enclosed parking garage. Dan Ionescu Architects is designing the building.

Forte Italia acquired the site in 1998, according to property records. The site is currently a parking facility.


JQ said...

how is the land on the edge of queens going to handle all the weight from these hotels and the rabble that it will bring?

Tho I have a feeling,especially where this city is going,that these will be homeless shelters or squatter "homesteads".

on the bright side,the 5 pointz crew will have new buildings to paint over.

Anonymous said...

The hotels have to be built, so that in a year or two, they can be converted into homeless shelters. It's a money-making business.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why not? Choke up the area more without expanding transportation.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why not?
It's an ideal location so close to Manhattan. That is its fate.
It will be developed to the max.
Want a more bucolic life? Move to Nassau.