Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Smith wants trial postponed; Albany may ban use of donations to pay lawyers

From NY1:

State Senator Malcolm Smith wants to delay his trial on corruption charges until his re-election race is over.

The Queens Democrat's attorney asked a federal judge to wait until this year's primary date is set, then schedule the trial afterward.

He said Smith should run for office "unfettered."

The prosecution, however, says that voters would be better served with a verdict before the election.

From the NY Post:

A bill introduced by Brooklyn Assemblyman Nick Perry would make it illegal for corrupt politicians to use campaign cash to pay legal bills.

Under the measure introduced last week, elected officials wouldn’t be able to access donor funds if they’re indicted, charged or convicted of a crime, or if they resign as a result of violating state ethics law. Cash remaining in their campaign accounts would be forfeited to the state comptroller’s office, which would issue refunds to contributors.

Currently, lawmakers are able to take money from their campaign coffers and use it on high-priced lawyers to keep them out of the clink.

Former state Sen. Carl Kruger, who represented Mill Basin in Brooklyn, was sentenced to prison in April 2012 after taking bribes to steer $900,000 in taxpayer money to nonprofits. He used $1.5 million
from his campaign account to pay legal bills.

Former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno also shelled out about $1.5 million in donor cash to combat federal corruption charges.
Like all campaign-reform proposals, however, the bill faces hurdles in Albany.


Anonymous said...

Too bad we are such a PC society now. It will be our demise unless we start speaking the truth.

Another negro politician.

Queens Crapper said...

If you've been paying attention over the past decade or so, you'd notice that color really has nothing to do with it, nor does party affiliation.

Joe Moretti said...

Since when do people who go have a trail, get to choose their trial date. It is not like making a doctor's appointment.

Bottom line, Smith is a crooked elected official who has done pretty much nothing for his community of Jamaica.

Case closed: GUILTY!

Anonymous said...

He looks like a thug, speaks like a thug, must be a thug.

Anonymous said...

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Smith actually should be in a hurry to have the truth revealed. After all, he plead "not guilty".

J said...

Can't say Smith has done nothing while in office,the bastard has contributed to a culture of corruption and false entitlement that has and will continue to this day.

he feels he can run because there are enough cynics that enable scum like this because they admire outlaw politicians like some people admire the mob or gangbangers if their actions don't effect them and more cynics who lost faith in government and don't vote at all.

may smith continue to fail and get crushed by his hubris.