Saturday, February 8, 2014

Real estate lobbyist is new City Planning Commissioner

From Capital New York:

Bill de Blasio has named real estate lobbyist and long time man-about-government Carl Weisbrod chair of the City Planning Commission, where he will oversee all major land use decisions in New York City.

Weisbrod's most recent job was as a partner at HR&A Advisors, a firm that has lobbied on behalf of clients with business before that same Commission: Trinity Real Estate, which succesfully sought the rezoning of Hudson Square and tangled with Occupy Wall Street over Duarte Square; and the Howard Hughes Corporation, which wants to redevelop the South Street Seaport.

HR&A has also advised Major League Soccer in its failed effort to build a soccer arena in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Before working at HR&A, he worked in-house running Trinity's real estate division.

Weisbrod, who co-chaired de Blasio's mayoral transition, has deep experience in planning and real estate issues.

Under Ed Koch, he headed up 42nd Street Development Project.

"Lo and behold, go to 42nd Street today and see what Carl Weisbrod's vision led to," said de Blasio today, during a press conference at City Hall.

He went on to take on the top staff job at the Koch's City Planning Commission, and then he became founding president of the Economic Development Corporation under Mayor David Dinkins.

Amanda Burden doesn't seem all that bad now, does she?


Anonymous said...

Wow nyc is screwed now! !!!!!!! Giant towers are going to be going up all over the place. Queens is going to be so much worse off than it is now. Katz and Stinky must be so happy.

Anonymous said...

Well, the most open and transparent mayor in the history of this city did have closed secret meetings with lobbyists. I guess it's only transparent when he says so. This man and every other lefty extremist is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

No one can be worse than Amanda Burden.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what he's going to do or how he's going to do but I sure hope some laws are created for churches. It should be illegal to build 2 churches on one block. Churches need to have rules on how close they can build next to another church. Has anyone seen northern blvd lately once you get close to auburndale? There's 6 churches built within 3 blocks of each other! Where I live, I have atleast 10 churches within a 10 block radius of me. I think the churches need stricter zoning laws.

Anonymous said...

"I think the churches need stricter zoning laws."

Ever hear of freedom of religion ?

J said...

Big Bad Bill is becoming more transparent now.This will please all the neo-progressives who will occupy the many glass towers that will all rise up on the rockaways,coney island,lic,astoria,and greenpoint.I'm sure the 20 in these so called 80/20 buildings will not be able to afford the rents there either.which explains why BBB is yearning to make basement apartments officially legal.Since he's planning to ban horse carriages in Central Park,why don't we just lease the stables to middle class and poor residents.

mayor funsize was just feigning that scowl at Gracie Mansion on new years day.this selection is amanda burden(what an apt name for her and the burden she dumped on the city)with a penis.

And a lobbyist too,Mr. Mayor...have you no sense of decency?