Saturday, February 1, 2014

It doesn't get much worse than this

From the Queens Chronicle:

James J. Shevlin, born in 1863 and a son of Irish immigrants, joined the NYPD on Oct. 16, 1886. A rising star in the department, he advanced himself to captain of the old 279th Precinct in the Rockaways.

Shevlin built this mansion, originally numbered 453 Hillside Ave. With his wife, Mary, he raised eight boys — Thomas, Matthew, Eugene, Joseph, Gerard, John, Harold and Charles — in this home. His last child was a girl they named Mary. He even took in his mother- and father-in-law, Matthew and Nora Kett.

Once Hillside Avenue was zoned commercial east down to Hollis, these grand homes were doomed. Few remained when stores started to dominate the area. The price of commercial real state outweighed the value of these grand homes. But the Shevlin Mansion remained, though hidden.


Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you loosen zoning laws and bring in a bunch of third world country immigrants. Nyc has become a third world city where nothing but third world trash lives in! The government allows nyc to look disgusting and become a third world city....vibrant and diverse my ass!

Joe Moretti said...

Wow thanks Crap, I have walked by here many times and even took pictures of this place for the way they disposed of garbage, but had no idea that the this beautiful home was behind it.

And here is the difference from the immigrants of yesteryear and this new batch of third world immigrants that have come in the last 10-15 years. One group bring something to the table and builds, the other brings shit to the table and destroys with crap.

Bnc626 said...

I wonder what my great grandparents house looks like now. My great grandparents lived in Jamaica back in the real early 1900s probably looks like garbage like this now!

Anonymous said...

Immigrants are not responsible for changing zoning or taking away funding or programs on public education.

Think politicians, newspapers, and civics. Face it: Queens has a broken civic culture.

georgetheatheist said...

Joe Moretti: How dare you voice such opinions on the first day of the Year of the Horse. You're insensitive to Chinese New Year.

Joe Moretti said...

ANON stated Immigrants are not responsible for changing zoning or taking away funding or programs on public education.

True, but this new batch still builds shit, plus the ones that build this shit, don't live in this community.

Anonymous said...

The House that Vigorish built.

There is NO way a cop's -legal declared- salary back then payed for a house along with supporting 8(!) kids and relatives.

Anonymous said...

Lore enforcement