Saturday, February 1, 2014

As the stomach turns...

From the Daily News:

Curtis Sliwa spent his last night as a single man shacked up with Queens Borough President Melinda Katz before his 2000 wedding to since-spurned spouse Mary, according to court papers.

The documents filed Wednesday are part TMZ/part TMI, detailing the repeated trysts between the married Guardian Angel and the needy politician.

Katz, elected in November, is shown whining about Sliwa’s wife as she repeatedly slept with the wedded man.

“You should remember that when you married Mary, you were with me the night before you left for the wedding,” Katz declared in a July 2010 voice mail overheard by Mary Sliwa.

Three months earlier, Katz complained that she was tired of Sliwa stringing her along.

“I’m not a schizophrenic,” she declared. “Thirteen years I’ve waited for you ... I’ve always given you the option of having me, I have always kept your secrets.”

Katz also complained of Sliwa, after sleeping with her, slipping outside to call his wife five minutes later.

For her part, Mary Sliwa recounted the difficulty of listening to the damning voice mails left on her husband’s phone by Katz — who “graphically and nauseatingly spoke about her intimacy with my husband.”

From the NY Post:

“Last night was not about you going home,” Katz said in a July 2010 message on Sliwa’s voicemail — over six months before he left wife Mary Sliwa.

“Last night was about the fact that you are capable of making love to me twice,” Katz allegedly said.

Sliwa admitted in a separate Family Court proceeding in December that he had given Mary access to his email and phone so she could handle calls for the Guardian Angels, where she worked as an executive director during their 12-year marriage.

In another July 2010 message, Katz castigates Sliwa for not calling her even though her sheets were “still…wet” and she “still [had him] dripping out of me.”


Anonymous said...

So why the phony story she had put out that she got impregnated by artificial insemination?

georgetheatheist said...

She brings him up shamelessly on stage at her public installation at Queens College (January 9) and he hangs his head in embarassment and refuses to look at the audience. Why? Perhaps he knows he's a creep? Check out my photos here and here. (Monkey Spanker? Backdoor Man? Stay tuned.) Instead of having her "beloved" and their issue stand next to her as she takes her oath of office, she kicks them off stage and gets sworn-in by de Blasio as Virginia Joe Crowley looks on approvingly. Is this woman and Sliwa weird or what?

J said...

our borough president is quite the skank.

If mellie,the Blaz and the rest of their ilk don't do competent jobs,
these new progressives are going to ruin the democrat party in NY for years to come.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why was Curtis blasted on the cover of the Daily News and not the skank? Who gives a shit about what he does? But why is the Queens Borough President getting off so easily?

People say it's because she's Jewish and from Forest Hills - is that really the reason?

She should be thrown out of office!!!

She's clearly a very deceitful, dishonest person - end of story!!!

Anonymous said...

She brings him up shamelessly on stage at her public installation at Queens College (January 9) and he hangs his head in embarassment

If Sliwa didn't like attention, he wouldn't wear that red beret everywhere. I don't know if there's anything that can embarrass that guy.

Hawkeye said...

What needs to be said: those 2 kids of theirs look pretty dopey, no?

Anonymous said...

To j said.

MK has never been a Progressive nor really a Democrate - all a act for votes and ambition.

Anonymous said...

"Artificially inseminated..."

Don't insult our intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Can it get any worse than this in Queens?

After we had granny molester Dennis Gallagher as our councilman we then got Elizabeth Crowley who was hooked up with the disgraced Assemblyman and Union head, Brian McLaughlin, a married man. She got a no show job from him and in return serviced him for years.

At the same time we had Anthony Weiner sending pictures of his little weiner to teenage girls.

Now we find out Melinda Katz is another home-wrecker sleaze bag skank who lied about everything to protect her run for BP. Does this woman have any shame?

Kevin Walsh said...

You can't call skanks skanks any more. It's slut shaming.

Anonymous said...

"these new progressives are going to ruin the democrat party in NY for years to come".

Too late-that party ceased to exist some 40 years ago. Calling it the Anarchist party would be more apt these days as the far Left has total control over it.

J said...

I think you need to go to places like Iraq and the Ukraine to find real anarchy.

and if you think people like koch,beame,and dinkins are far left,I got a Karl Marx book I can sell you.

Anonymous said...

Great intellegent reply J

Anonymous said...

wow, you guys are getting soft in your old age. You've all been way too nice even with the dopey kids comment.

Excuse me, but wasn't she an out of the closet Lesbian whose baby-daddy is a turkey baster? Don't get me wrong, she's got something there, Turkey Basters don't give any back talk, don't leave up the toilet seat and don't steal all the blankets.

We've got the Queens BP as a Former Lesbian and the Mayor's wife is a Former Lesbian, is there a pattern here?

Will the real Former Lesbian please stand up? Any more Former Lesbians out there in public office who want to share with us their former lesbian status?

and yes that red hat is old hat. the only good thing is that you can see it coming from a mile away.

As for the offspring, one can't start putting away money for the required therapy soon enough.

It's all too sad and depressing.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. They're all losers.