Sunday, September 8, 2013

City can't find anyone to build LIC library

From LIC Post:

Construction of the Hunters Point Library is likely to be delayed yet again following the city’s inability to find a developer willing to build it for the $28 million that was budgeted.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, speaking at the Hunters Point Civic Association meeting last night, said the city has had to modify the design plans to keep the construction cost below $28 million. He didn’t say what those design changes would be, other than saying they would merely be “cosmetic.”

Well, it does seem that a facelift is exactly what this building needs.


Anonymous said...

No one wants to touch a place that will regularly get flooded from a superfund site and sewage.

Makes for bad PR for the architect and contractors - they will get blamed for lousy siting.

In the meantime, use the money for staff and upgrades at other libraries.

Buy 5 Steinway Mansions. Fill in the Astoria diving pool 5 times. Restore the St Savious site 4 times. Give Poppenhusen Institute a legacy for the next century.

For Christsake instead of sitting on the money while everyone wrings their hands Mr. Culture Czar DO SOMETHING NOW - groups and communities all over Queens can use those funds!

This facility is simply intended as an amenity to attract developers as they continue to displace the community with tower people. The tower people don't use libraries but are on kindles anyway and get their info from cyberspace.

The fact of the matter is the Jimmy will be the last councilman from the old neighborhood. From now on your councilman with be from the towers.

Sunnyside and Woodside.

Take note.

Anonymous said...

Too bad all those hedge fund managers are so stingy! Bill Gates donated $20M towards the Seattle Central Library designed by Rem Koolhaas.

Aren't there any generous gazillionaires in LIC? Let them pay for it! Most of Queens gets little brick shithouses - how is it that LIC, with its transient poseurs, qualify for the best looking library in the city? Oh right - it's for the transient poseurs...

Anonymous said...

I doubt any gazillionaires would pay $28M for a babysitter.

Anonymous said...

Hell the library board of developers are so rich they could foot the bill but that does not happen.

A small group of developers are raking a kings ransom off our communities and give back little more than campaign donations to our pols.

Anonymous said...

"I doubt any gazillionaires would pay $28M for a babysitter."

Tiger Woods did.

Anonymous said...

Hell the library board of developers are so rich they could foot the bill but that does not happen.

If George Stamatiades is still on the library's Board, he should have plenty of funeral home money to spread around.

Anonymous said...


How the f--k did this jerk wad ever get elected?
By a jerk wad electorate, of course.

Maybe Councilman Jimmy can recommend one of his developer pals (who gave $$$$$$$$ for his campaign) to do the job.

One hand job certainly deserves another!
When finished...better wash both hands1

Anonymous said...

Its a waste of money! Most of the libraries in nyc are closed half the time anyway. Put up a Wal-mart.

Anonymous said...

So why not force the developers who are building 1,000+ unit towers to have to build the library???