Friday, July 5, 2013

Liquor license denied, now bikini club may go 100% nude

From DNA Info:

There might be bikinis, but there won't be booze.

A proposed Astoria bikini bar that's drawn the ire of local politicians had its liquor license rejected by the State Liquor Authority on Tuesday.

The owners behind Racks, at 19-26 Steinway St. between 19th and 20th Avenues, applied for a liquor license this spring with plans to open the space as a bar and grill where the female servers would don bikinis.

Several neighborhood politicians came out in opposition to the planned adult-entertainment spot, arguing Racks is an unsavory addition to the neighborhood and would negatively affect the area's property values.

"A place like Racks is wholly out of character with the family-friendly neighborhood of its proposed location," said Astoria Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, who led the public charge against the bar, collecting signatures from local residents and holding an opposition rally at a nearby park.

"Astoria does not need scantily-clad women performing lap and pole dances a stone’s throw away from a playground, middle school, and our neighbor’s homes," Simotas said in a statement.

The bar's owners could still choose to go forward and open — even as a full-on nude adult entertainment establishment — and just not serve liquor.

Great job, Aravella! The place is in a 100% industrial zone, yet it's going to affect children? Be careful what you wish for - you just may get it.


Anonymous said...

I think they want to make this a performance space for that darling of the local pols, APAC, their answer to 'Stonewall' Van Bramer's Chocolate Factory.

Since most of APAC's programs are workshops around children and seniors I think this is what they meant when they expressed a concern for children.

Since Vallone has come out in favor of making the Steinway Mansion a 'catering facility' this may explain his silence on this issue: this club would be perfect for the mansion as a 'gentlemen's supper club'.


Well $4 million to fill in a hole in the diving pool in Astoria Park to give APAC a tiny stage is just the thing the community needs.

Makes sense in Vallonia. You cannot build on the park, the Steinway Mansion is prime real estate that has to be cleared.

Boy you all all are going to have fun when the Vallones get into office.

Anonymous said...

This place is going bust?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of boobs.

Problem is nobody will want to see these skanks without booze eyeglasses.

Joe said...

They can do a private membership with a "bring your own booze" policy
Personally I rather throw my money down the toilet then be hawked and hustled by skanks.

Anonymous said...

Who said if you live in Astoria you have to visit "Adult Entertainment" businesses? Isn't it time Simotas, Gianaris and the bunch of reps that side with them stop the crap and do something worthwhile for the community instand of protesting everything that is legal regardless of how we feel-we don't have to cater to these places. Scantily clad? I guess none of them every went to a beach.

Anonymous said...

how come these politicians dont step up and do anything about the topless club starlets the cops are there every other weekend plus its less than 500 feet from islamic school EL-BER someone should Contact: Kate O’Brien Ahlers, Communications Director, (212) 788-0400,