Friday, May 3, 2013

More towers coming to the flood zone

From Curbed:

With construction moving forward on the first two parcels of Hunter's Point South, the city is turning its attention to the next piece of this massive affordable housing puzzle. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development released the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the second phase. Phase Two encompasses a chunk of land known as Parcel C, bound by Center Boulevard, Borden Avenue, 2nd Street and 54th Avenue. Unlike the Parcels A and B, which will be all affordable housing, only 50 to 60 percent of the 1,000 units on Parcel C will be set aside as affordable for families earning between $60,000 and $140,000 per year.

Parcel C is about 110,000-square-feet, and the new building will have 28,000 square feet of new retail space along Borden Avenue and 2nd Street. The RFP asks developers to incorporate storm resiliency measures, and all proposals must comply with the FEMA flood maps. A community space and residential parking may also be included, but they are not required.

I like how the map makes it look like an express bus runs right next to the parcel (instead of in the tunnel) as well as the inclusion of the Q103 bus line to the projects. Like the people who will reside here will ever take that.


Anonymous said...

not a big deal to engineer it for a risk of flooding. i work close to the hudson and our building was flooded. some companies had their electrical equipment in the basement, but raised to the ceiling. it all came out OK. only the stuff on the floor was flooded.

Anonymous said...

Keeping close tabs of the boys when our community was getting rezoned discovered they were interested in compiling things like cemeteries.

The info was to be sent to the LPC, or so they said.

It was made clear that the work was not for the benefit the community but to assist developers in selecting sites that did not have potentially toxic 'issues.'

Pretty cool use of the zoning study and LPC, don't you think?

Oh yes, goes without passing ... that the info gathered was not shared with the community at large.

Miles Mullin said...

I do not know what is worse:

something like this is proposed by supposedly responsible people

or that this is going on in the heart of the supposed intellectual cultural capital of humanity.

Life, my friends, is indeed stranger than fiction.