Saturday, May 4, 2013

Final BSA decision on Astoria medical building coming soon


I just wanted to give you and your readers an update:

The final BSA ruling regarding 23-25 31st Street is scheduled for May 21st.

Pali Realty, LLC and owner Yiannis Konstantinidis assigned the insurance claims to Chartis, the insurer for Sea Breeze, the General Contractor.

Chartis turned down offers of a settlement offered up by two of the most heavily damaged homeowners.

Attached is my final letter to the Board of Standards and Appeals; please feel free to publish it.

Kind regards,

Norm Sutaria


Anonymous said...

Little Petey runs around the neighbhorhood on this bike, plays the guitar at community events, worries about people looking up girls skirts keeps close tabs on the community image by having his home boys shoo away dissent on the community blog, appoints unknowns on the community board, and worries publicly about over development while daddy packs 'em in.

Starves community groups for funds while giving a kids theater workshop millions for a venue.

Hopes the Steinway Mansion becomes a club and encourages the demo of historic mansions in Old Astoria.

Understand that's what it takes to be the leader in the Queens beep race. Yo Malba! Yo Howard Beach!

Yes, Lil Petey, you make Queens proud.

Anonymous said...

Elect little "Petey" borough president, and he'll make the voracious Donald Manes look like a saint!

The Vallone family has an enormous, undying, appetite for power.

In the process of attaining it, they will devour your neighborhood, then spit out the bones on your door step!

The sequestered, sleepy northeast quadrant of Queens had better be vigilant.

Don't let brother Paul in the door of the city council chambers.

It's not a case of Peter or Paul. Its a Peter-Paul two headed dragon that's headed our way.

One bites the west. Te other bites the east.

East and west had best unite to behead this Vallone monster!

Anonymous said...


They're MIA except when spotted cashing their lobbyist's checks.

Check out the list of developers online, that La Famiglia Di Vallone lobby for.

Open the door for Don "junior" Pietro to borough hall, and you put the developers' representative in charge of Queens

It's your nabe that's at stake.
No nabe is immune from the Vallones...east mid or west. Queens is their ripe plum, and their hands are outstretched to receive it!

The "V's" are some of the most dangerous political gangsters around.

BEWARE their soft spoken tones...feigning caring!

Anonymous said...

"The "Vs" are some of the most dangerous political gangsters around."

Will Mr. Bahara be able to take them down?