Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pressure getting to Johnny?

From the NY Times:

John C. Liu, New York City’s comptroller, turned his performance at a neighborhood forum for mayoral candidates into an ultimatum to federal officials investigating his campaign fund-raising, demanding on Thursday night that they “put up or shut up already” after a multiyear inquiry.

Mr. Liu’s forceful critique of the federal agents looking into the legality of his donations, unprompted by a moderator or his rivals, captured his mounting frustration with an investigation that has cast a shadow over his fledgling campaign.

“Despite my record and despite my vision for the city, which I think is the right vision, there are still whispers about this cloud hanging over my head,” Mr. Liu said in his closing statement at the forum, focused on poverty and income inequality.

His voice rising in anger, Mr. Liu listed his grievances: “Three years of investigating. They wiretapped my phones for 18 months. They reviewed a million documents and messages. They interrogated thousands of my supporters. And yet, what do they have to show for it? It’s time to put up or shut up already. Because I have an election to win!”


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Anonymous said...

Time to put some names to the accusers working behind the scenes, beginning with Bloomberg and Murdoch,both of whom have suffered the minor irritations of having some of their schemes delayed ever so slightly by Liu's auditing, and Bharara, the money-accepting persecutor,oops prosecutor, who not only refused to act on Liu's call for criminal charges for city officials in the huge tech contractor boondoggle scams involving "city time" and the 911 "overhaul" but then investigates him.That's just a start, And it's not as though Crapper and readers are innocent either, what with the musty, ancient Charlie Chan and Chinese food jokes,etc. What-you haven't suffered enough yet under the tinpot tyrant?
please, rape us one more time on your way out the door to Bermuda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

John Liu also lambastied the feds...insisting that his convicted father, Joseph Liu (Great Eastern bank) was innocent.

You're cooked Johnny. Try running for mayor of Taipei, because your political career is over in NYC.

Anonymous said...

MY, what a big ego.

But, he has a point.

So-far all that this investigation has uncovered are some shady bundler activities.

Unless the Fed's have some actual evidence that this character knew or authorized these actions, the whole thing will end in petty civil penalties and -maybe- some suspended sentences for those who actually did the deeds.

Liu has stepped on a lot of toes here, don't discount the vengeance factor.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Chan and Chinese food jokes...HA, HA, HA...baste those jokes ("ribs") with some hoisin sauce.

Liu's trolls are awfully busy doing damage control.
Better for Johnny that they should raise money for his defense attorneys.

But you've got to admit...Liu is beginning to resemble Benson Fong (Charlie Chan's #2 son) with a receding hair line.

Anonymous said...

"Wah, wah, wah! I want to be mayor", Tommy Huang's cousin, Liu, cries out like he's throwing a terrible two's tantrum!

He is indeed coming apart at the seams, like a cheap Chinese counterfeit Louis Vuiton bag.

Get over it John boy...your dreams of an Asiatic conquest of Gracie Mansion are over.

Unlike the great Kublai Khan, there will be no Emperor Liu!

Anonymous said...

Liu is pissed off royally, because he's just hit his political bamboo ceiling and he knows it!

The only followers he has left are a crew of Taipei Chinese who still think that Liu has the power to be their savior.

He's got them hoodwinked into contributing $$$$$ to his "mayoral campaign".

If somebody bothered to check the books, they'd soon discover that it's being used to pay his attorneys.

Bye, bye, Mr. Comptroller.

Anonymous said... not forget that a undercover Mandarin speaking FBI agent posing as a businessman donor has made the charges against the LIU bundlers. they have been indicted.
the stalling of the case has been due to one bundler going to a psycho hospital. let us make conclusions

when he and the other staff member testify under oath.

you forgot to blame BUSH......

Anonymous said...

The MO for the fed's when people like Johnny pull these stunts is to leak what evidence they have to the media. Liu made a mistake in escalating this.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Liu is using campaign contributions (with matching funds from unrelated NYC taxpayers) to pay for his lawyers...AND HE"S CRYING LIKE A BABY.

What an evil family he comes from. He father, convicted bank thief Joe Liu must have taught his children to hate justice.

The normal American pays for their own damn lawyers, and court cases take many many years.

Tick, tick, tick.

Get lost Johnny and take your vile, evil family with you.

Anonymous said...

Why does his right eye always appear to be squinting?

Anonymous said...

Wait until the little trails lead back to Flushing...CB#7 operatives, etc.

The BIG TRAIL will lead to "Mr. Big"...whoever he might be!

Liu is small potatoes. He takes his orders from the Big Won Ton!

Anonymous said...

you arent winning anything, you dink.