Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DeBlasio advocates for more free babysitting

From the Queens Courier:

Not enough of the city’s school four-year-olds are going to pre-kindergarten, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio announced in a new study, especially in Queens.

For Queens, this means that for every five applicants there is one Pre-K seat –- effectively leaving many tots without the early education the public advocate believes they need.

Two of the densest Queens school zones regarding applicants per seat are District 24, in the central and southwest parts of the borough, and District 26 in the northeast.

Only 20,000 of the city’s 68,000 eligible children get to go to Pre-K, according to de Blasio’s report. The public advocate has proposed a plan to allow all four-year-olds to go to Pre-K, along with after school programs between 3 and 6 p.m. for middle schoolers.


Anonymous said...

can't these progressive/libs ever stop their wasteful spending ? they must increase the public union membership and additional benefits ,for citizens to pay.

then the union leaders use the dues to bribe the dem pols. and work to re-elect them.

Anonymous said...

this is mind control for children. the state will take care of you. for ever NOT.

Anonymous said...

Di Blasio needs a baby sitter himself.
Does this juvenille intend on running for mayor?

He'll get 5 votes.

We'd better toughen up, and get used to the idea of Mayor Quinn.

Bloomberg is a pussy compared to that tough twat!