Friday, January 4, 2013

Woman's apartment overrun with mice

From WPIX:

While she wipes away tears, Jenny Borrero of Richmond Hill tells of the horror of having mice take over home.

“There are traps behind the stove; there is bait behind the stove; there are traps for mice everywhere in my bedroom everywhere,” Borrero said.

Mice droppings can be found in her living room. The critters are even scampering through her food.

It’s “a tribe of mice I am catching, five or six a day,” she said. “I have bins of food … in my kitchen. You keep them in bins so the mice don’t get in there. I threw out $500 worth of food,” she said.

The superintendent of the building at 87-57 108th Street had no words of comfort for Borrero.

“I don’t know what to say, the exterminator comes,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “Whatever I am supposed to do I do,” he said.

The owner of the building said Borerro is the only person complaining in the entire building. He says the building is well kept and that he’s doing everything he can to combat the rodent problem.


Anonymous said...

Get a cat, or better yet get 2 cats. It never fails.

Anonymous said...

"Woman's apartment overrun with mice"
"Sandy pet shelter to close"

...Am I the only one who sees a win-win here? Buy a cat!

Ms. Tsouris said...

The typical landlord response: "You're the only one complaining". I remember being a single woman living in an apartment building in Flushing and hearing the same lie 30 years ago. She should definitely get a couple of cats!

Anonymous said...

Or you could clean your apartment?

Anonymous said...

Cats work, but not everyone wants cats! She has to find where they are coming in from and seal the entry point(s) or this will be an never ending battle...Steel wool (not the kind with soap like Brillo) then plaster it. Unfortunately they live in the walls, the start in the basements and work their way up. Exterminators catch or kill attitude is never must KEEP THEM FROM GETTING IN!!

Hint: sometime the hole is aroun a pipe,inside a radiator or closetplace you don't think of. Also think wall molding that is not flush to the floor!
FYI, sealing holes also works on neighbors compalin and I never see them.

Anonymous said...

Or you could clean your apartment?
I'll second that. It sounds like the building owner could do more to help her, but that help will be worthless if this lady doean't clean the place, maintain it and take some previously discussed preventive measures.

Queens Crapper said...

Follow up: She's moving.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a well kept building from the exterior.

Anonymous said...

Poster #4:
You can keep an apartment clean and neat AND get rodents or other critters.

Many critters emit a pheramone that signals others to come, like a trail of breadcrumbs.