Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sampson under investigation

From the NY Post:

The feds have launched a criminal probe of former state Senate Democratic Majority Leader John Sampson of Brooklyn, The Post has learned.

The inquiry focusing on Sampson’s campaign fund-raising stems from a broader federal probe into Queens Democratic Congressman Gregory Meeks, sources said.

Shady real-estate broker Edul Ahmad is the common link that drew the feds from Meeks to Sampson, said sources familiar with the investigation.

Ahmad was embroiled in a congressional ethics probe for giving Meeks a secret $40,000 loan believed to have been a gift.

More important, Ahmad pleaded guilty in October in a separate, $14 million mortgage-fraud scheme.

But his sentencing date has not been scheduled and the defendant is now cooperating with the feds and possibly singing about Meeks and Sampson, sources said.


Jerry Rotondi said...

WHO ISN'T under investigation in Queens?

I might consider voting for a man or woman, who hasn't been indicted yet.

What fools us voters be!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised.

Anonymous said...

He's a dem, this just gives him more cred if he were to run again.

Anonymous said...

Another shifty "bro"!

Anonymous said...

Wha about Delila?