Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More mentally ill to roam the streets

From the NY Post:

Here’s some scary news: The Cuomo administration is preparing to shove thousands of mentally ill New Yorkers out of supervised settings — where they can be forced to take their medication — into far less restrictive, far more dangerous “community housing.”

This, despite two recent cases of people being fatally shoved from subway platforms — both allegedly by crazy people.

Albany, under pressure from the Obama administration, recently ordered psychiatric facilities not to place any discharged patients in adult homes, where staff can ensure they take their meds.

Instead, they’ll be placed in “community housing,” without full-time supervision.

This is part of the state’s plan to essentially empty adult homes into community-based “supportive” apartments, leaving up to 6,000 people — including those with schizophrenia — to live on their own, with minimal supervision.

Granted, the move isn’t entirely voluntary: The Obama administration has made clear in numerous states — including New York — that it wants to shut adult homes entirely, saying they illegally segregate the mentally ill. It’s prepared to sue to make that happen.

And if Albany doesn’t move, it could find itself back in front of none other than the imperious federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis, who in 2011 effectively ordered the immediate dismantling of the adult-home system — summarily rejecting every effort by Albany to reach a compromise.


Anonymous said...

I find it absurd that the Obama administration is so adamant about the "segregation" of the mentally ill. What about prisons? Aren't they bastions of segregation, especially since the prison population is disproportionally made up of African Americans?

Look, if you want to make decisions based on ideology you have to back it up with empirical fact. What do the statistics say about the unsupervised mentally-ill? How do these people fare in the long-run?
The ones who are running our states and country are complete morons. (BTW, "moron" is an word that used to refer to the mentally ill)

Anonymous said...

Radio talk show host Michael savage says"Liberalism is a mental illness".

1975 Bayside boy wonder N. Garaufis is a prime example .

Anonymous said...

Uh...duh...we SEGREGATE dangerous prisoners from the public, don't we?

Well..a severely mentally ill person, OFF THEIR MEDS, can become extremely dangerous too!

Anonymous said...

Cuomo desires to run for president, and he wants Obama's support. That's why he's kissing his ass on this.

That crooked Cuomo crew has got to go!

Anonymous said...

Somebody once referred to Garaufis as "Porky Pig".
He used to be legal counsel to Claire Shulman at borough hall.

Whenever you would put a question to little Nickie that he didn't like, his face would turn rosy red like a cartoon!

Oink, oink. Now the piglet is a federal judge. Nice work if you can get it.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Judge Garaufis was also legal counsel to Congressman Gary Ackerman?????

He admired Congressman Thomas Manton and some other interesting individuals??

Anonymous said...

We need to psychiatrically regulate the teachers and preachers that produce such creatures! That's why we have Obamacare!

Anonymous said...

New Sfacime, Old Sfacime, Same Old Scheme.

Anonymous said...

Nick G. was also president of C.S.B.26 in the 1980 era.not married ,no children then. A member of C.P.B.11. He lost a NYS Senate race to Frank Padavan. He missed no political groups.He was appointed to the judiciary by W.J.Clinton

A Columbia U. grad,Member of St. Nicholas Greek church, Bayside/Flushing.

As fed. judge ,he put Dean of Asian Studies ,Dr. Cecilia Chang ( recently reportedly a chinese "Money Tree" for the D. Manes queens political machine) in the fed. lockup for a week. Released, she committed" suicide"?

He ordered the create a new test so minorities would have a better chance to pass it. (to be continued.....)

Ned said...

Can somebody s'plain WTF are "community-based supportive apartments" VS residential neighborhood apartments ?

King Ning said...

"community-based supportive apartments" - fancy-schmancy euphemism for housing projects for mental patients. OOPS! Am I allowed to use the word "projects"?

Anonymous said...

See:Nicholas G. Garaufis , NYT, 4/21/2002

Wedding Seidman-Garaufis

Elizabeth Seidman-Director of non-profit FJC fund-advisory service and administers grants.

Fountain House, N.Y.C. Exec.Dir. selfhelp group for Mentally ill.

Father, Bert retired from AFL-CIO ,SSI director. now consultant for Alliance for Retired. Mother: is Director for nursing home information service.

Anonymous said...

In 2005,Fountain House received part of a $20,000,000.00 grant from the Carnegie Corp.....made possible through a donation by NYC Mayor M. Bloomberg.

see:NYT,"City Groups get Bloomberg gift of $20 million"
by Sam Roberts,7-6-2005.

Anonymous said...

What does Garufis think of Flushing's own Dr Zeuss, Palestinian Paul, telling his subjects to sacrifice their teeth to the Greek god Antipus instead of going to "Judaic" dentists? Is he one of the reasons Garufis wants to unlease more nuts?