Saturday, January 5, 2013

More buses on the way

From the MTA:

Recognizing the shifting transportation needs of New Yorkers, the MTA is boosting bus service throughout the five boroughs.

Beginning Sunday, January 6, bus customers will benefit from a varied combination of service additions and extensions on several routes citywide as outlined in the MTA’s Service Enhancement Plan, released in July, 2012.

The enhancements will take effect on two dates.

Sunday, January 6, 2013 Service Restorations and Enhancements:

Q24 Restore extension from Broadway Junction to Bushwick Avenue via Broadway

Q27 Provide new overnight service from Horace Harding Expressway to Cambria Heights via Springfield Blvd

Q30* Provide new branch to Queensborough Community College

Q36 Extend alternate trips from Jamaica Avenue to Little Neck via Little Neck Parkway (This restores weekday service along route of previous Q79 route.)

Q42* Restore midday service from Jamaica Center to St. Albans via Archer Avenue

*The Q30 and Q42 are weekday only, so they are being introduced on Monday, January 7.


Anonymous said...

......and fares will go up anyway....

Anonymous said...

More air pollution too!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2: Picture the people in those buses in cars. More air pollution that way as well.

Anonymous said...

Overbuilding makes for people pollution too.

Knock down a single family home.
Replace it with a four family (plus) structure.

How many new asses are now planted on toilet bowls?
Their waste gets flushed into our overtaxed systems.

Anonymous said...

The Q27 and Q30 are already overcrowded. Extending the stops will mean that people at later stops will have even less of a chance to get on. The MTA should have brought back the Q26 to all day service and extended it up 53rd Avenue (which has numberous schools and NO bus service) to Queensborough.

Anonymous said...

The Q26 doesn't serve the territory that the Q30 does, which this latest move was meant to help. Extending the Q26 to Queensborough wouldn't have accomplished anything.

Anonymous said...

NO new transit! Smoke decongests. Let the bus drivers ride bikes so we can drive our cars!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 7:

What are you smoking?

Anonymous said...

Congestion pricing is just a transit union power grab. They want to grab our cars, our guns, our food, our balls! We just need to grab their face!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 9:

Are you smoking what No. 6 is smoking?