Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Great timing

From the Daily News:

The top aide to embattled Brooklyn state Sen. John Sampson has resigned — in the nick of time.

Paul Rivera’s departure took effect Tuesday, sources said, three days before it was revealed Sampson was under criminal investigation by the FBI for allegedly accepting improper payments from a real estate agent who pleaded guilty in October to a $14 million mortgage fraud.

The timing raised eyebrows in Albany. But Senate insiders said Rivera’s resignation had nothing to do with the probe. He had been talking privately about leaving his job as special adviser for some time, the insiders said, and decided to do so after Sampson lost his position as head of the Senate Democratic conference in mid-December.


Jerry Rotondi said...

Do we have any decent, competent, or even honest representatives left in Queens, or has a pirate crew taken over the vessel of government?

Anonymous said...

This oughta be interstin'