Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are skateboarders defacing the NYS Pavilion?

From WPIX:

It’s a beautiful famous landmark that’s the centerpiece of movies like “Men in Black.” But lately, the New York State Pavilion’s rotunda has become the target of vandals.

More than a dozen tags by graffiti artists have lined the insides of the 1964-65 World’s Fair Landmark, and Parks Department crews were busy last week trying to clean up the mess.

But it’s hard to keep up with all the graffiti that keeps popping up.

With a nearby skateboarding park, it’s not hard to find YouTube videos of skateboarders displaying their stellar moves at the park.

But some say the skateboarding is now moving inside the landmark, and some teenagers are starting to deface the pavilion that will be soon celebrate its 50th anniversary.


Anonymous said...

It is being ALLOWED to deteriorate!

That's the way that borough hall plays their dirty little destruction games.

A vote for Vallone will insure that it gets torn down.

As borough president, Pete Jr. will break every phony campaign promise he's made, to preserve Queens' history.

Look at the "great job" that Claire Shulman did to protect the Aquacade! It's long gone!

Borough hall is a disease...that's fatal to historic preservation.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the skateboarders for spraying graffiti, blame them for skating, seeking to put the building to use.

Anonymous said...

Is this report serious? A joke? The place has been neglected and vandalized for 50 years, and Pix has just noticed? It needs to be torn down already. It's a daily symbol of the neglect and decrepitude and incompetence of government.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Just like the the Flushing Keith's theater--
I can hear borough hall's assessment, of Philip Johnson's iconic towers--coming down the pike, about to turn the corner.


They will continue permitting the NYS Pavilion to sit there and rot a little longer--then will fetch up some lame justification to have it all torn down.

Meanwhile back in Brooklyn, Borough President Marty Markowitz is enabling the Loew's Kings movie palace to be restored to its former grandeur.

What do we get for our votes in Queens?

We've gotten a borough presidency that has a track record of being hostile toward historic preservation.

Consider, most carefully, who you want as your next borough president.

Do you want one that holds hands and plays footsie with developers?

Anonymous said...

the video you linked to is a bunch of rollerbladers, NOT skateboarders.

Queens Crapper said...

The video is what WPIX linked to as part of their story.

Anonymous said...

I think i'll go hangout there. when they start painting i'll call the cops....i can use the reward$$$$

Anonymous said...

taxpayer $$$$$ for doomsberg's Planyc was spent on the school yard space north of I.S.25 ,Flushing /Auburndale ,in 2009.

the concrete steps and 3-4 foot walls have become a skateboarding sanctuary.

one never sees locals sitting on the many benches, under many sibling trees.

was this public union "make work "during the depression ? MUCHO $$$$$$ WASTED.