Thursday, October 11, 2012

Surprise: NYS has the worst taxes

From Capital Confidential:

The annual report by the Tax Foundation, a national group based in Washington D.C., found that New York’s tax climate trails the rest of the country. Last year, it was 49th, just ahead of New Jersey. Now New York fell behind New Jersey, which ranked 49th in the country, the group said.

“Despite moderate corporate taxes, New York scores at the bottom this year by having the worst individual income tax, the sixth-worst unemployment insurance taxes, and the sixth-worst property taxes,” the group said in a statement. “The states in the bottom 10 suffer from the same afflictions: complex, non-neutral taxes with comparatively high rates.”

The group’s State Business Tax Climate Index collects data on more than 100 tax provisions for each state. The top states for business tax climate were Wyoming, South Dakota and Nevada. Those states have no corporate or individual income tax.

The group has consistently found New York as the worst in terms of taxes, both income and property taxes. Westchester County ranks first in the nation in property taxes, the group has found, while upstate counties, including Monroe and Wayne, have the highest property taxes compared to home values.

Cuomo has sought to rebuild the state’s business climate, developing an “Open for Business” campaign and implementing a property-tax cap. Last year, the Democratic governor and the state Legislature agreed to slightly lower income taxes on the middle class and keep higher taxes on the wealthy—although taxes on the rich dropped from prior tax rates.


Anonymous said...

NYS also has the highest medicaid (welfare) costs in the Nation , for the taxpayer's joy. Ah...Sanctuary City....and more to come in 2014 via obamacare, the unaffordable health care plan forced on the citizens.

high taxes to attract the world's freeloaders.and raises in December for the nys politicians.

Anonymous said...

So how come New York State Senator Avella
isn't working on this but is forever poking his nose into New York City matters instead? are no longer a city councilman, Antonio.

Oh, but now
he might running for Queens borough president.

Make up a you mind Tonito. You can't have it all.
Those long trips up to Albany must be getting to him.

Anonymous said...

there he goes again...with "Obamacare".
Well, at least Mr. President cares.

Are you STUPID or something...fella?

The government already takes out payroll taxes
to cover you for your retirement.'s called Social Security.

You invest in it,
and at retirement age you receive your investment dividends. They ARE NOT government hand outs.

There is NOTHING wrong with setting up a similar medical insurance account for you.

the uninsured in hospital emergency rooms.

I guess you can't understand simple arithmetic...fella.

Maybe your calculator ran out of juice.

Anonymous said...

"Freeloaders....yadda, yadda"....groan.

Our motor mouth tea bagger is showing his ignorance,
once again, all over the internet for the whole wide world to laugh at.

Geez...the applause meter just broke!

Anonymous said...

Surprise that we have the highest number or welfare recipients and illegals living here.

Anonymous said...

the specific numbers that back up your generalities.

meaning the USA, NYS, NYC,
Queens County, local neighborhood?

Before you mouth off you should have the proof
in your pocket.

Tsk, tsk, tsk...
we know...we can sympathize
with an empty headed malcontent.

Anonymous said...

Current year payroll taxes are immediately paid out to current beneficiaries of the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance program. You do not a have a future right or legal claim to any of that money. This was always the case as far as the SSA was concerned and ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court in Flemming v Nestor The government, in fact, does believe they are "handouts" and have the full legal authority to amend or end them.

Loyal Queens Democrat/Tweeder said...

High taxes are awesome!

Tax revenues can be used to fund "shovel ready" Demokratic party projekts in our city!

Without taxes, we wouldn't be able to pay the salaries of Demokratic party luminaries such as Christine Quinn, Charles Barron, and Daniel Dromm!

Help keep our Demokratic party luminaries employed!

Support HIGH taxes in New York State!

Anonymous said...

read "Shadowbosses":Government Unions Control America and Rob TAXPAYERS Blind",by Mallory Factor.

(obamacare designed to create 21 million union jobs)

"why would unions support Obamacare when most unions negotiate the super-expensive "Cadillac" plans for their members ?
For every million additional H.C. workers unionized in the 27 NON-right to work states ,the unions would reap $1 Billion in dues.
Obama administration proposed paying some of the cost of H.C with a TAX on the union "Cadillac" plans.

The unions balked. the solution was to promise the unions a seven-year moratorium (2018) on taxing the Cadillac plans, long enough for the unions to legislatively stop the tax.

Now where could obama hide the huge amount of $$$$ he lost ? he made deep cuts to MEDICARE ADVANTAGE (SENIORS),which allows SENIORS to receive benefits from private insurers.(via S.S.I.)"

my wife and i are covered by this plan,which includes discount Rx) ,along with 16 million SENIOR citizens. it is reportedly going to be curtailed in 2014. our increased cost for H.C. will be$6,000 ( including RX). we are on fixed incomes.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when Ding Dong Screw Loose arranges to hold on to the Senate by making another Cuomolectual governor

Anonymous said...

what kind of screwdriver do I use to tighten up our persistent Republicrat poster's loose screws?

If ignorance is bliss...he must be one happy fella!

I a way...
I hope that Romney wins the election...
THEN we'll see who Grandpa Archie Bunker will be blaming for America's ills come December.

Anonymous said...

I'd take a homo over Cuomo!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 12:

He'll still blame President Obama. If not, he'll be calling Romney a "RINO."