Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Redistricting Commission proposes blatantly gerrymandered Council districts

QCC received several complaints from member civics that the Commission’s first draft boundary map did not take the opportunity to fix some towns that were separated in the 2003 redistricting. On the contrary, the Commission has proposed additional changes that in some cases further divided traditional, contextual and geographical communities. QCC has submitted a comprehensive proposal that addresses these guiding principles: meet charter population requirements; keep traditional towns and “areas of common interest” together; utilize natural boundaries or straight lines wherever possible; and, consider demographic distribution in the districts. Following are links to QCC’s Report and supporting maps and charts.

See how the tweeders wanted to divide your community.

QCC Queenswide Redistricting Report The old tricks are all here - racial politics, carving out incumbents' potential opponents, etc. Despite what you may have read in the weaklies that "the commission proposed minor boundary changes based on shifts in population," in fact, they proposed major changes that will dramatically affect Council representation for the next 10 years.

You can testify at today's 5:30pm hearing at LaGuardia Community College or send written testimony to

I'll be focusing on some of the changes on the blog in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

I live in the poor little orphan part of richmond hill not even shown in color on any of the maps. I just sent in an email requesting a geographically contiguous redistricting of my demographically diverse community of working stiffs who all chose to live in the same community.

Jerry Rotondi said...

OF THE government, BY THE government,
and FOR THE government!

The people--be damed!

They are pissing all over the Constitution!
Voters are letting them get away with it too!

Incumbency is a cancer!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry folks...
Tony Avella will hold another press conference.

Anonymous said...

Koslowitz is getting her rewards for being a party clubhouse loyalist. Her seat is the safest in the borough.

Perhaps a well-funded Bukharian candidate will try to unseat her, but I can't imagine that candidate getting votes beyond the Bukharian community.

Anonymous said...

Many of us have testified against the State's gerrymandered Assembly and State lines earlier this year. It did us no good. Why would testifing about the Council's gerrymandered proposed redistricting plans make any difference now?

Queens Crapper said...

Because changes may actually be made at the city level as they were back in 2002.

Anonymous said...

some one has to put the CONSTITUTION on the TELEPROMPTER in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Go and testify anyway, you lazy SOBs!

Complacency and apathy
are a republic's worst enemy.

Maybe we don't deserve our democracy
with that kind of lax attitude.

If in the end if you wind up getting screwed--
at least you'll be able to say
that you stood up for something worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

Get involved. Sweat a little.
It's not like anyone is asking for your blood.

Democracy has its price...CITZEN PARTICIPATION.

Unless you'd rather all become dependent Socialists waiting for your "entitlement" handouts from a very fickle government!

One day Uncle Sam will forget to give you
your nursing bottle on time....AND THEN WHAT
will you do?

Wah! Wah! Wah!

It's far too late then to make some noise then!

Anonymous said...

How about offering
the U.S. Constitution as a free cell phone ap?

Anonymous said...

How may politicians
have already ignored the Constitution?

It's not about "We the people" with these fat crooks.

It's more about "ME, MYSELF and I" !

That's the only thing that these MF's care about.

And what about the people? Well, they come last!

Anonymous said...

Just heard that our megalomaniac nut job Dan Halloran
just screwed Bayside Hills.

He must be on "speed".
He can't keep his own lies straight in his head anymore.


Anonymous said...

To keep redistricting honest, do not allow crossing any waterway or 3-digit zip-code line. "Snap" lines to 4- and 5-digit zip-code lines wherever possible. The Post Office is very utilitarian and so its zip codes largely are fair enought to use as a guide.