Monday, October 8, 2012

Race to cross Queens Plaza


Anonymous said...

QP looks more like a dump now
And wait a few years when the city DOT and Parks stop maintaining it
It will look just like another overgrown weed infested and garbage and litter strewn piece of city property in Queens

Anonymous said...


An overgrown weed infested and garbage and litter strew piece of city property that cost us $50 million plus!

Perhaps we should ask Dutch Kills Civic about this, their bosom buddy Jimmy and Penny over at City Planning about this.

Oh yes, did the 'Seth' mentioned in the news piece be Seth Pinksy of EDC?

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Anonymous #1.

The new QBP looks like a dump and may as well function like one already. Traffic there became infinitely worse now that cars, trucks and buses take longer trying to clear past all the obstacles provided courtesy of Gloomberg and Sadist-Khan. (Rush hours? The entirety of QBP is a fine replacement of the ugly municipal parking lot they torn down!)

Anonymous said...

the 50 million plus cost will rise dramatically after the families who sued the taxpayers for death and injury, while exiting the Queensboro bridge unsafe detour,receive hundreds of millions in damages.

deduct it from Sadie Kahn's pension.